By Garrett Ingold

Republicans Throughout History

They initially were divided on states rights and constitutional interpretation, as they supported states rights, strict constitutional interpretation, and were mostly rural farmers. In the early and mid 1800's they became the Whigs, the party of modernization. Later in the 19th century they opposed slavery, but supported the states rights to decide for themselves. In the gilded age parties began to run together and not until the progressive era did parties regain definition. Politics became dominated by Republicans from 1921 to 1933 in a pro business era. Politics were then dominated by Democrats until after World War II. In this time period they supported business and were strict on communism. They then change again as Nixon comes to power and many southern Democrats join the Republican party. Nixon creates an era of "New Federalism" returning power to the states The last major change of the political system came during the era of Reagan and brought in the modern set of conservative ideals we know today.
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  • Immigration: Republicans take a strict view on immigration with few opportunities for immigration. Democrats take a more relaxed view on immigration with more opportunities for immigrants to become citizens.
  • Gun Control: Democrats have a strict view on gun control, whereas Republicans have a more relaxed view of gun regulation.
  • Social Values: Republicans believe in strict traditional social values, while Democrats believe in more relaxed modern social values.
  • Environmental Protection: Democrats have strong belief in environmental protection, whereas Republicans believe it isn't worth the cost.
  • Government Strength: Republicans believe the government is bloated and inefficient, while Democrats believe the government is of adequate size and is efficient.