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In The News... 08-26-16

I can't believe this is our first week back since track out... you would have never guessed it with how well the kids did getting back into the swing of things. The kids worked hard and had a super week.

In literacy this week we focused on Growth Mindset and understanding that it is ok if we are not great at something. Many things take time and practice before we can see improvement. We did a lot of Mix-Pair-Share this week as talked collaboratively about what it meant to be a winner, how if felt if we lost at something or weren't very good at something, and we discussed if it was ok to not be the "best" or to struggle with things. We watched a video of the '92 Olympics where runner, Derek Redmond was favored to twin the 400 meter sprint, but didn't. Though he didn't win the race and he came in last due to an injury, he didn't give up; he finished the race. In this video Derek's father came from the stands and helped him finish the race. The kids and I talked about how there are many people around them that are here to help: from their teachers, parents, and peers. We had a really good discussion about this. As we focused on this, the kids took some time to think of something they struggled with or weren't the best at; something they wanted to work on. To help build their comfort in sharing, I had the students write their struggles on a sticky note and we posted it on our chart; these stickies had no names on it. The next day the kids found "their person" and shared what they wrote on tus build a trust in each other. The kids enjoyed creating a poster of what they "will never give up at". We then made a video of our pledge to Never Give Up and to Believe in Our Self. Check it out: . Today all the kids earned their own gold medal to remind them that as long as they always do their best and try, then they will always be a winner. You guys have some great kids and I am extremely proud and fortunate to be their teacher.

In Science we began talking about balance. We watched an interactive video about this topic to help us begin to understand how gravity plays a role with this. We have some cool science experiments coming our way next week. I know the kids will be ready to tell you everything they've learned about balance.

In Math, we are continuing to work on counting and representing numbers. This week we focused on counting by tens and using ten frames to represent bigger numbers. We had Math Stations this week and the kids had lots of fun rotating through the different activities. Next week we will begin working with addition and learning some new methods to help us as we search for the total.

We started AR this week. The kids learned how to take an AR test with their book buddy and were really proud of taking their first test. AR is not mandatory; I have books in my classroom that the kids can read from and take the AR test when they are ready. It's up to them; they can also check out books from the library. I do have an incentive chart up for students as they earn points. The kids seem very excited to get this started.

That about wraps up our week here at WSES. If you have not yet followed us on Twitter or liked us on Facebook, please do so. I am posting the things happening in our classroom. It's a great way for you to stay informed and see what all your child has done throughout the day/week in first grade.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend. Rest up and I'll see the kids back on Monday.

~Ms. Gower


  • Homework Pass- Please write on the back of your child's homework pass which assignment he/she is using it for. This will help us know when your child has decided to use his/her pass so that we can take it out of their folder.

  • Picture Retakes- On Sept. 7th we will have retakes for Fall Pictures. Please let us know if you would like to have your child redo theirs.

  • Reading Envelopes- Most of the kids brought these back on Thursday. Please don't forget to return these along with the leveled reader inside this way we can get your child child a new book the following week.

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