VMS and WMS C.A.T.S. News

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Save the Date!

Important dates for the year are:

October 13-25- Cookie Dough Fundraiser- Order forms are due Oct 25! Delivery and money collection will be early December! Thank you for your support. The money raised funds the following activities and allows all students to have the experience.

March 4, 2017- 8th grade Destination Imagination Competition

May 4, 2017- 7th grade trip to the Challenger Learning Center

May 5, 2017- 6th grade trip to the Challenger Learning Center

May 6, 2017- 7th grade Extempore' Competition- Blue Springs

8th Grade

The focus for 8th grade this year is American History. We have studied Early Exploration and the 13 Colonies. Students have completed different projects along the way. Parents will have the opportunity to explore those projects during Parent Teacher Conferences. We will be examining the election process and events leading up to the Revolutionary War in the upcoming weeks.

Our journey through Destination Imagination has begun! Students should have come home with a permission to participate. Please return the form ASAP. In the next few weeks, we will be organizing teams and choosing our challenges. We will need parent volunteers for the event on March 4, 2017. I am looking forward to seeing what the students create!

7th Grade

This quarter we have been focusing on the Zombie epidemic that has taken over. Students have studied the human brain and what affect the Zombie virus has on the brain. Ask your student about their cure they created! Now we are analyzing the spread of the disease across the United States and looking for patterns. Students will be creating a plan for relocation by determining which area has the climate and resources to survive. Students have studied the different types of maps, what map elements should be present on a map and how geographers use information to analyze and form conclusions.

We have begun conversations about our Extempore' experience. Information will begin to come home in the next few weeks!

6th Grade

What a great start to the school year! Students have been studying Ancient Civilizations. They have participated in a simulation about how Neolithic farmers increased their standard of living. For Mesopotamia, students have explored the different empires and examined how entrepreneurs were present during this time. The Mesopotamia final project will take place next week along with a test over the material. We will then move on to Ancient Egypt. At the end of the semester, students will explore a topic of choice.

Parent-Teacher Conference

Conferences will take place October 19 and 20.

My schedule is as follows:

Woodridge- Wed, Oct 19 from 3-7pm

Valley- Thurs, Oct 20 from 4-7pm

I look forward to seeing all of you!