Brandon Hudziak

Duties and Responsibility of being a Rigger

  1. By being a rigger you need to now how to set up ropes and chains.
  2. You will also have to be able to make a good pulpy sis tom
  3. Being in this tip of work pleas you need to be rally safe
  4. We can set up acts for acrobats to with the ropes and pules

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Work Place

Riggers work in meany of places. They work on bout setting up its rigging. They also work indoors packing parachutists. They are normal High up so don't be afraid of highs.


Riggers make 37,760 to 53,080 per year. That can be affected by you insider your working for.

helpful high school class and education

First you need to get a high school diploma to be a rigger. A rally helpful class is constriction engineering


If you want to be a rigger in wi you will find that is very competitive

The resin I was a rigger was because the job was chosen to me. But it is ok.