Road To Perseverance

Overcoming adversity by Chenille Claiborne

Ratchet:Together you can do amazing things(Compare & Contrast)

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Nadja Sonnenberg:Can you really bring yourself back up after fallen for so long?(Cause & Effect)

Nadja salerno-sonnenberg had played the violin when she was little.As Nadja got older and was able to go to college she got into Julliard.She could not believe all the good violin players that were there.Because they were so good Nadja doubted herself, she thought she was good but coming to Julliard made her realizes she wasn't as good as she thought she was.As a result Nagja got OVERWHELM witched caused her to not even practice when she met her teacher Dorthy DeLay.All she would do was complain about her problems in life to Dorthy and She would listen.One day when Nadja came back without her violin again, Miss. DeLay lost it. She said to Nadja if your not going to bring your violin and play then stop wasting my time or I will kick you out of my class.This,Nadja could not believe but that got her to call one of her friends and ask for her advice.She ask should she ask should she enter this violin competition, and her friend said yes and gave encouraging words.This effected Nadja the right way, she was going to try her best not to INADEQUATED herself anymore and really try and practice.The more she practice the more confident she got and really tried.All of this helped Nadja win that violin competition,not only did she get fame out of this but she got back the things she loves to do.

Maxcy Filer:Never give up has never been used so correctly.(Problem & Solution)

Maxcy Filer had a dream.He had a dream to become a lawyer,but in order to become one he had to take the bar exam.The first time in 1966 Los Angeles, California at age thirty-six Maxcy did not pass. Luckily he did not give up so easily,so he tried, tried again!he had PERSEVERANCE because he said "I possibly couldn't quit." Even though he had hope, here is were the problem begins...Maxcy was not a good tester. He also focused on "Practical rather than academic law issues." But he got through this with the support of his family and his good old attitude, and one of his sayings "Keep going.Say 'I will do it' and you will."And after twenty-five hopeful years at age sixty-one, his forty-eight time...he passed! In his TRIUMPHED ceremony tons of his colleagues came to shoe their own respect towards him because this was and is a man who knows how to use the never in "Never give up!"

Oscar(Spar Parts):Life is not a stroll in the park things take time!(Sequencing)

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Clinton 12:Face danger to better yourself in life? Or stand down?(Description)

The Clinton 12 were a group of young African-American students in Clinton,Tennessee.

One reason why the Clinton 12 are so amazing is because they were the first African-American students to go to a all white school.At that time African-Americans faces a lot of ADVERSITY'S,and going to an all white school(Not anymore but...)Is a hard one.The first time they VENTURED out to the school they were finally allowed to go to they walked,and a lot of people watched them walk down the street to there new school. Another reason why they are so amazing is because i'm pretty sure they went thought tough everything, from words to threats.But they stuck with it because they had the rights and they had the courage.

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