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My Student is Starting a Business???

PBL is project based learning, and it's being implemented in many classes in our district. This type of instruction includes an entry event, inquiry, student voice and choice, writing, presentations with an authentic audience, critique and revision and reflection. Along with the content, students have opportunities to express their creativity and extend their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

We are currently learning economics through our PBL unit: Mind Your Own Business. After watching some clips of Shark Tank, students began exploring what makes a successful business. We formed teams based on student interests, and groups have developed a business and product name and design, sales and marketing plans and prototypes. Most teams are using Google Slides as a presentation tool. This Friday at 10:30, the student businesses will be presenting their business plans. We would love for you to join us! We have invited community "sharks" (business leaders) to listen to the business pitches, offer the teams feedback and help us select one to invest in. One business will receive funds for us to actually create, market and sell the selected product. Students will be analyzing the effectiveness of the business. Profits will be used to offset our expenses for our Jefferson City Field Trip this spring.

Here are some links to some resources if you're interested in finding out more information about PBL:


Buck Institute

Introducing Project Based Learning


Students recently concluded their energy unit where they were elected mayor of the city of Noelecticityville. Their citizens were calling for some electricity, so the students studied different types of energy and electrical circuits to determine the best plan for the city. Mayors presented their energy plans at our Noelectricityville Town Hall meeting. Check them out by Room 251!
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Fractions proved to be a challenge for the 4th graders. Students were asked to find equivalent fractions by multiplying by a "whole" fraction (ex. 3/3), reduce fractions into simplest form by finding the greatest common factor, and compare fractions with unlike denominators by finding least common multiples. This was especially difficult for students who still are not confident in their multiplication facts 0-12's. Please continue to review these at home with flashcards or apps. Our Aleks curriculum has a component called Quicktables, which keeps track of the facts that your student knows. This can be accessed at home and school through their online locker on Canvas. We will be making test corrections tomorrow and giving students a chance to retest. Our next chapter will have us continuing to work with fractions and beginning to add and subtract them by finding common denominators.

Dates to Remember

Feb. 3 - Mid 3rd quarter

Feb. 5 - Student Presentations to Shark Tank @ 10:30 in Elementary Gym

Feb. 12 - Valentine's Day Party @ 10:30

Feb. 15 - President's Day - No School

March 4 - End of 3rd Quarter

March 7-11 - Spring Break

March 30 - Jefferson City Field Trip

Valentine's Day Party

Our Valentine's Day party will be next Friday, February 12 from 10:30-11:30. You are welcome to join us! Students may bring a decorated valentine box from home, as well as valentines to share with all classmates. There are 23 students in our classroom. If you would like to donate items for the party, please sign up using the link below:


Needed Items for the Classroom:

We would appreciate any donations!

  • tissue
  • hand soap
  • sharpened pencils
  • clipboards
  • earbuds - please ask your child if they still have their earbuds from the beginning of the year school supply list!