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February 10th, 2023

School Counselor Appreciation Week!♥️

Special Shout out to Mrs. Bohr for all her dedication and care to students each and every day!

K - 5 Students - "I Love School!"

K - 5 students shared the many reasons they love school at Riceville! Here a what they had to say...I love all the smiling faces at school, I love our class hamster Molly, I love PE, I love that teachers are ready to see us when we come to school, I love art, I love my friends, I love lunch, I love the Day of Play, I love recess, I love seeing all of the school decorations, I love math and books, I love the PAWS store, and so many more things.
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Business Class Focus - CTE

It is an exciting time in the business classroom! In personal finance class, we are learning about the importance of saving money and budgeting! Did you know if you invest just $100 per month in a good growth stock mutual fund earning 11% interest for 40 years, you will have approximately $1.1 million?? Winning with money is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior. The person in the mirror is responsible for your money success!

In computer science class, we are learning about repetition and loops using Python. We are learning how to complete the accounting cycle with a merchandising business in accounting class. The 6th graders are learning the basics of Microsoft Word, and the 8th graders are learning the basics of Microsoft Excel and how much easier Excel can make your life mathematically! In entrepreneurship class, we are learning how to create and the importance of a high-quality business plan!

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MS Social Studies

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Kindergarten Pen Pals!

During the month of February, the kindergarten classes are exchanging valentines with classrooms from all over the United States and Canada. Each class wrote a valentine letter about their classroom and school and created a valentine craft to go with it. The kids love getting their valentine mail from schools in Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, and more!

Mrs. Evans' Preschoolers are getting ready for Valentines Day!

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Ms. Worral's Superbowl Party!

2nd graders celebrated the upcoming superbowl by doing Reading, Writing and Math activies about football. Their hard work was rewarded with cotton candy and popcorn!
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Senior Spotlight

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Principal Squared

Heather Suckow PK-12 Principal

Marcia Grimm Associate Principal

Barb Schwamman Superintendent