Pre-K 3 News

Juan Diego Academy Dec. 14th-18th

Dear Parents,

This is our last week of school with 2 weeks off for Christmas break.

Remember that we have our Christmas Pageant this Thursday and we need our students at 6:00 p.m. dressed with their shepherds costumes.

We also want to ask you to please return the monthly survey in the yellow envelope. It is important for us to read about what your child’s needs or your concerns may be at this time of the school year. Please fill it out even if you do not have any concerns and return promptly. Thank you parents!!!

As you know, we have our “posada” this Friday the 18th. Please send a dish to share with our students (something easy and that the kids will like.)

We want to ask you to listen to the song “El Burrito Sabanero” on you tube or Hispanic radio. We need to practice it for our Dress Rehearsal on the 17th.

If your child is coming at school late, please remember to sign in at the office.

We really want to say “Thank you to Mrs Tajito.” She is the person who made it possible for Santa to come to our school last week. We really appreciated that and the children were so happy.

This Friday we want you to take your child’s picture from our Christmas tree. It’s a gift from Sra. Marseille and Sra. Sonia.

These two weeks off are a good time for the children to listen and view some programs and songs in Spanish. It is going to be very helpful since they are not listening to Spanish daily until January when we’re back.

If you don’t have cable channels in Spanish you can get some on youtube as well.

We want to Say “Thank you” to Mrs Walker (Emmanuel’s mom), because she donated the candies for our children. What a nice detail!!!!


We are introducing the letter ‘B” like bandera(flag), ballena (whale), bicicleta (bicycle), bebe (baby), etc.

We are still learning about the community helpers (mailman), (doctors), (nurses),(lawyers), (teachers), (police officers),etc

We are reviewing the geometric shapes, numbers and colors. We started to cut and paste. We are also introducing more vocabulary.


We are learning more the real meaning of the Christmas in our Religion classes.

We are celebrating that our Baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day.

We have learned a new prayer “Ninito Jesus.” Be sure and ask your child if she/he wants you to learn the prayer with them. This is how it goes:

“Ninito Jesus” (Baby Jesus)

“Que tiemblas de frio” ( that you are shaking of cold)

“Dame tu Corazon” (Give me your heart)

“Y yo te doy el mio” (And I’ll give you mine)

It’s a really short prayer that can be said before going to bed or before taking a nap.

We wish you and your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year.

Our Lord protect and bless you always, and we hope to see our little ones in January, very happy, and ready to start a new school year.

Parents, thank you very much for the beautiful presents and nice cards.

Thanks again and have a wonderful week and festive holiday season.

Sra. Sonia y Sra. Marseille.