8 Purposes of Christianity and Judaism

Social Structure

Social Structure is the list of most important to least important people in an organisation.

The list in the Catholic Church

  1. The Pope
  2. Cardinals
  3. Bishops
  4. Priests
  5. Deacons
  6. People who go to Church.

A Rabbi


A belief is a thing that can't be seen or heard but you think it is real.

A christian belief is Jesus

A belief of Jews is GOD!!!


An activity you do before a big event
Eucharist is a christian ritual
Jewish people doing their wedding rituals

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct is rules to stop people being stupid and silly. The ten commandments are a good example
The ten commandments are some code of conduct for christians.

Jewish ethics are their code of conduct.

Myths and other stories

A myth is a story which hasn't been proved to be real. A story is either fiction or non fiction. Adam and Eve is a good example. A jewish example is the flood.


A thing that represents or stands for something else. A catholic symbol is the cross while a jewish symbol is the star of david.

Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts are writing in religious or special books. The old testament and new testaments are good examples for the religions.

Religious experiences and spirituality

Experience and events for catholic and Jewish people in their respective church.