#SACFire Monday Movies

Your dinner and a movie and #talkaboutfire

Monday Fire Movies- FREE!

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 4:30-6:30pm

Santa Ana College Room A128

Bring your dinner and join us on Monday afternoons for fire themed movies. Blockbusters, documentaries and indie films are all on the agenda this semester.
  • Meet other Fire Tech students and #talkaboutfire
  • Take selfies with other Fire Tech students while you #talkaboutfire
  • Watch movies that #talkaboutfire
  • Come early and grab a parking space for your night class, or stay late and beat the traffic while you #talkaboutfire
  • Learning activities that let you #talkaboutfire will be available. (Check with your instructors for possible extra credit opportunities)
  • You can bring a friend that wants to #talkaboutfire (preferably)

Movie Schedule

Feb. 22: Ladder 49 (1:55)
Feb. 29: Backdraft (2:17) *Runs long. Ends at 6:50 pm

Mar 07: Towering Inferno (Part I) (1:30)

Mar 14: Towering Inferno (Part II) (1:15)

Mar 21: Firestorm (1:29)

Mar 28: Burn (1:29)

Apr 11: Point of Origin (1:26)

Apr 19: Ricky's Rib Shack: A Firefighter's Journey (1:33)

Apr 26: 9/11-The Filmmaker's Commemorative (2:09)* Runs long Ends at 6:45

May 3: After the Fire (1:30)

May 10: Let the Fire Burn (1:35) or Let's Roll (1:22)

May 17: Bhopal: A prayer for rain (1:40)

May 24: Always (2:02)


A documentary about Detroit told through the eyes of firefighters charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead.