Waterton Lakes National Park

By Shai Markwardt 6-1- Alberta

History of the Waterton Lakes

The deepest lake in the Canadian Rockies at 444 ft. This park also holds the first oil well in western Canada. Both found in Waterton, a small park named in honor of English naturalist Charles Waterton.

In Alberta- There Is The Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes National Park

The Waterton Lakes is 195 square miles, and was founded in 1895, and is Canada's 4th largest National Park. In the park there are several different types of wildlife, such as: Bighorn sheep, deer, ground squirrels, birds, elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer. Waterton has 234 different species of birds, 57 species of mammals, and 17 different species of fish. This particular park has many different types of plants and vegetation.

The wetland has lots of cattails, pondweed, and other types of plants that can grow and live in water. There are also lots of mountains, with timberlines above and below the mountains. The alpine fir is normally the most promonate growing tree.

There are lots of things that you can do at the Waterton National Parks, you can hike, ride horses, and even golf. Bears Hump, Carthew - Alderson Trail, and the International Peace Park Hike have all 5 stars because of their beauty, and are just fun things to do!

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