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Season’s Greetings!!

We made it to December! What a long road it has been to make it this far. I will be honest in saying that there were days when I just wanted to get into my car, drive home and not come back the next day. I keep telling myself that COVID is not what I signed up for but these are the cards that we are being dealt. Every day that I wake without a symptom is a day to be joyful but I know that everyone has not had it so easy. I found myself finding joy in all things, if even for a moment. I often remind myself that this too shall pass but not without questioning when. I know that many of you are asking yourselves those same questions. Nonetheless, we continue to wake every morning, pull ourselves together and deal with those cards, mask in hand. We have faced challenges and will certainly face many more but we keep moving forward hopeful for better days to come.

2021 will definitely bring more uncharted waters but at least we can say that we have made it this far. I appreciate each and every one of you for all that you have done and will continue to do. For those of you who have dealt with personal illnesses, grief and heartache, I trust that your strength will be renewed and that you will find happiness once again. Remember that you are never alone even though the road may seem lonely from time to time.

As you prepare to spend the holidays with loved ones, please remember to take a few moments out for yourself and just love on you. Every day educators are being slammed for decisions that are not totally up to us. Our profession is being hit with words that are more hurtful than helpful. Take some time over the next few weeks to disconnect from the outside world and wake up every morning knowing that you are important and that there is someone who really cares about you. Let’s find the time to laugh at the funny things and take the deep breaths that we were not able to take inside of our classrooms. Let’s try to leave it all on the campuses of our schools and worry about it at a later date and time. We have worked tirelessly to make it to Winter Break and our time has finally come to rest if only for a little while.

Sending Virtual Hugs,

Nikkina McKnight

President, Palmetto State Teachers Association


Palmetto State Teachers Association recognizes that teachers are working harder than ever this school year! To celebrate their efforts and give back to our teachers, three long-time PSTA members who currently have a child attending a South Carolina college or university were randomly chosen to receive a $500 scholarship for their student. The following members were chosen from 182 entries:

Tara Black is an Assistant Principal at Riverbluff High School in Lexington School District One. Her son Jarrett Black attends Tri-County Technical College.

Kathy Coskrey is a math coach at Nursery Road Elementary in Lexington-Richland School District Five. Kathy’s son Christopher Coskrey attends Clemson University and will graduate in 2021.

Nikki Scott teaches science for VirtualSC at the South Carolina Department of Education. Her student is Skylar Scott who attends Coastal Carolina University.

These one-time scholarships were awarded in connection with a 2020-2021 “Reinvesting in Our Members” campaign launched through cooperation with the PSTA Board of Directors. Other promotions included a presentation to new member Jessica McDaniel-Thompson of Darlington County School District who was randomly chosen to have her student loan paid by PSTA for one year. In November, nineteen members were chosen to have their DonorsChoose classroom projects funded by PSTA.

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We wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

2021 PSTA Virtual EdCamp

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