– A Celebration of Feminine

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Pournami is a very significant day for every person making an attempt to walk on the spiritual path. Sadhguru speaks about the significance of the full moon and the impact it has on the human system, and how it can be a natural support for one’s wellbeing.

Pournami - An Opportunity to Rise | Sadhguru

“If the feminine is lost on the planet, nothing of beauty, nothing of tenderness, nothing of truly aesthetic value will survive.” -Sadhguru

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Lunar Eclipse on Coming Pournami April 4th, 2015

“During a lunar eclipse, the moon is on fast-forward. You will see all twenty-eight faces. Everything that happens in a month is happening in a subtle way within a few hours’ time. When such a fast-forward is happening, many things are changing. This is happening because in terms of energy, the earth’s energy is mistaking the eclipse as a full cycle of the moon. So your life is put on fast-forward and, essentially, spirituality means just this. It does not mean we are taking a different path; it is just that we are putting our lives on fast-forward.” -Sadhguru

We have attached a simple sadhana with this mail which will be supportive in making use of this day more effectively.

5:30 pm- Play Mahim Muladhare chant for 10-15 min till everyone is seated comfortably. If guests have brought any offerings for Devi, it may be placed in front of the Yantra, or on the sides of the Yantra as suited for your space.

5.45 pm - Play the Arati in Sadhguru’s voice.

Next 11 minutes – Play Lum Vum. You can all sit with your eyes closed and palms facing upward.

Next 11 minutes – Play Jai Bhairavi Stuti. All of you can chant after Sadhguru for one cycle. If you have time, you can choose to do the Stuti for three cycles.

After the chanting is over, you may play Ye Devi Chants like Bhairavi Shambhavi, Na Thatho and others for 10 minutes

6.18 pm - Arati to Devi. You can sing the Arati yourself and do the Arati with lit camphor or lamp. Otherwise, play the Arati in Sadhguru’s voice. You may then offer the Arati to everyone present. If guests want to offer music or songs for Devi in devotion, they can do so.

6.20 pm or later - Outside the Yantra Room, you may offer prasadam to all if you have prepared it. You may also distribute the offerings brought by guests as prasadam to everyone.

By bringing people into the space of Devi during Pournami Poojas at home, you are paving the way towards their wellbeing.

Live Chat session with Bhairagini Maa

There is an opportunity for all of you to have a Live Chat with Bhairagini Maa on April 2nd, 2015 – 8.30 pm to10 pm IST to clarify any queries that you may have.

All you need to do is:

1. Log into your FB account.

2. Visit Linga Bhairavi FB Page <provide link>

3. Post any question related to Devi and Yantra on the wall.

4. Bhairagini Maa will be available to respond to your questions.

5. Questions can also be asked in Tamil.

We request all the Yantra owners to make use of this opportunity to get their doubts clarified directly from Bhairagini Maa.

Let us make this Pournami a grand celebration at our homes!

For any queries please contact +91-9442504720 or write to yantra@lingabhairavi.org


Linga Bhairavi Yantra Team