Zach's Home Design of the Future

Grade 9 Academic Science Culminating Task

My House Ecosystem

My house would be located in a temperature deciduous forest biome because the region is not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter and my plants would be able to grow at a steady rate. I would try to use the least electricity as possible by unplugging all electronics not being used and using florescent light bulbs. I would also have a solar panels to generate solar energy for my house to use. I would grow plants and trees for more oxygen and habitats for animals to live. Since I'm living in a temperature deciduous forest biome the plants will me able to grow at a good pace outdoors which is good for attracting wildlife and giving my house an appealing look. Trees are natural air filters and give shade so ill be saving money on AC in the summer. There would be no pesticides or fertilizers used.


For transportation I have chosen a Porsche Panamera Spider which is a nice looking hybrid car. Many cars give off pollution but the porsche doesn't because it runs on electricity so i save money for not buying gas.

Waste Management

For Waste Management I will be using a recycling bin, a compost bin and one garbage bag per week. Unfortunately all of us have some garbage but i try to cut down on my garbage use by using only one bag. The recycling bin allows me to send reusable things back to the factories to be used again, the compost bin is for any food scraps i have which can be turned into good, rich soil for my plants to grow large and healthy.

White- Bellied Spider Monkey

The animal i would be proud to sponsor at a local zoo would be the white- bellied spider monkey. They have been an endangered species since 1982 and are apart of the mammal family in the animal kingdom. I would like to see there be more of these cute monkeys since there only expected to be around another 20 years before they become completely extinct. This is an older monkey and it would be a shame to not be able to see them on the earth anymore so i would sponsor them to prevent that from happening.
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Household Chemicals

Three toxic chemicals found in an everyday household would be air fresheners, bleach and lead. Air fresheners are flammable and aren't digestible. It can be very bad for your health along with other things like perfume, cologne, ect.. Bleach is used to whiten fabric materials but if it comes in contact with your skin or face you could be in serious trouble. Lead pipes are sometimes used to bring water into your sinks and showers. Lead will often get mixed into the water and if enough is digested you will get very sick. Lead is also found in paint.

Bohr Rutherford Diagram for Bleach


The electricity source my house will be using is hydro electricity. I chose hydro because my house will be located near a hydro power plant. Hydro electricity is made when the water flow makes a turbine spin causing natural electricity. There is a lot of water on the earth so thats useful, this doesn't cost a lot of money and i will not be polluting the earth
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Energy Efficiency

The way i would be energy efficient would be by using florescent light bulbs and hydro electricity which not many houses do. These two things save a lot of unnecessary energy being used which will also cost me less money. i would use candles and fire places more often for heat and light. Lastly, electronics would be unplugged at night to be energy efficient.
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The appliances used in my house would all be from energy star since they are the most energy efficient appliances.
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Light Bulbs

As i said earlier on, i would use florescent light bulbs because they are bright and energy efficient. i would save a lot of money because he bulbs aren't always burning out.
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The Study of the Universe

The two types of technology i'd want in my future house would be robot support and the telescope. The telescope is one of the greatest inventions in science. It helped scientists to study outer space which helped the development of mankind and can help look for disturbances in the galaxy. Robot support is on a lot of peoples wish lists. They would be able to cook, clean and do other things around the house. Robots have been sent up to space and give us in tell about the moon and other planets, they've helped quite a bit.