1950's or 1960's

Which one was more historically significant?


Culture: Mass culture began to dominate in the U.S. This left room for diversity to grow amongst the country. Television entered the national living room approximately 90% of homes had them. This time was known as the "middle-brow" because it appealed to a large number of middle class. This provided free entertainment to millions and millions watched!

Political: The 1950's were one of the most turbulent decades in global politics. The 395- article Indian Constitution took effect. This outlined the structure and powers of the central and state governments.

Judicial Decision: McLaurin v. Oklahoma state regents.

Holding: Different treatment of students in public institutions of high learning solely on the basis of race violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Any Event: The first description of a double helix DNA molecule was published by a British Physicist named Frances Crick and American scientist James Watson. This allowed for an advancement in science!

Specific Person: On July 17, 1955,Walt Disney opened up Disney Land to the public. His wishes were to provide a "Happy Place" for people of all ages to enjoy. Walt Disney wanted the park resemble the theme of the American Dream. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America... with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.


Culture: The Hippie Movement swept the nation "Make love, not war."

The Hippie lifestyle was about sex and drugs. It was also known as the Sexual Revolution. What a time to be alive right? Everyone was exploring and experiencing new and old drugs such as, Marijuana, LSD, and Shrooms.

The movement was so strong that a Harvard Professor promoted the use of LSD!!

Politics: Again "Make love, not war." was sweeping the nation. This began all the Anti-War Demonstrations. Everyone wanted peace and no more war, maybe because everyone was typically high and mellowed out who knows, and they were willing to do what it took to stop the war. People were "Draft Dodging" by moving to Canada and refusing to serve. A big political movement was the Peace Moratorium March in Washington D.C. that over 2 million people walked in! Thats Hippie love at its finest.

Judicial: The Boynton v. Virginia case featured a young black male who sat in the white only terminal of the bus and apparently that was a big deal and next thing you know he's in court. Eventually justice was served by the fact that this case went against interstate commerce act where there should be no segregation on transportation.

Event: Uhh the Space Race obviously? The Space Race started with the launching of the Russian satellite Sputnik. The Race to put a man on the moon had begun and JFK promised to put a man on the moon.

One Person: John F. Kennedy, he did a lot for his time and shook the world in his assassination thats still being hotly debated today. He had big roles in the Space Race, Moon Programs, the fight against poverty, and the creation of the peace corps. JFK may have been the most interesting man in the world.