Heiland Snapp

Who I Am

Welcome to my Personality

  • I am a very adaptable person. This is helpful in a classroom because I can relate to different situations.
  • I do not like creating conflict and will try my best to resolve it or compromise so that everyone is happy. This is good when in groups so that everyone will get along.
  • If someone wants to be the leader then they can lead. I however have no problem with stepping up and being the leader when I need to be.
  • I am a organized person when it comes to my school work. I like to know where everything is and be able to find it with ease.
  • I am very determined when I set my mind to it. If I need to do something then I will get it done. This is helpful in the classroom when assignments need to be done.

My Animal

My animal is an otter. This animal described me very well. This animal is easily distracted;however, when they set there mind to something nothing can get in there way. They are intelligent and witty but they have a tendency to have self doubt which can get the better of them. They avoid taking leadership roles because they tend to work better in the group not as the leader.


Engineering, cuddling, advertising, and design.

My Color

My color was green. Greeens are very logical and organized. They often hide their emotions and seemed reserved and take there time when making decisions. This color does not describe me very well. I do like to be organized when it comes to my school work but none of the other words described me.