Big game

By: Daniel Mok (Ad, not wanted poster)

Big Game is about a young boy named Oksari, whose on a hunt for his life...

The Book Big Game, by: Dan Smith was a great book. Oksari, who is 12, is about to turn 13. He is going on a hunt to become a man. Oksari, needs to hunt and kill an animal, which will symbolize who he is. It's hard to shoot with a bow that is about the size of him, and on top of that. Oksari's dad killed a BEAR, when he was his age. So Oksari has to kill something good, but on his way to the mountain, after crashing his Jeep onto a tree. He sees a pod, which is strange, but inside the pod is even stranger... The President!


The setting is on Mount Akka in Sweden. Somewhere near the mountain, there is the place of skulls, where Oksari's village is at. Later on in the book, he goes in the air force 1, which is a plane where the presidents come out of to wave at citizens. The only bad part was that the plane was sinking, and crashed, and blown up.

Some characters

Some characters in this book are Oksari, who is the main character and saved the presidents life from terrorists, His dad, who when he was Oksari's age, he killed a Grizzly Bear. The president, Whose name is Alan Moore, and really bad at hunting. Hazar, who is the main villain or bad person in this book. Hazar, is the terrorist who tried killing the president, many times. The last character in this book that is effective is Morris. Morris was the bodyguard of the president, and saved the president's life more than once. One of them was when he took a bullet for the president. Morris still has a little bit of the of the bullet fragment that will pierce his heart any day. Oh yeah, Morris is also the man that sabotaged the president and killed the rest of his bodyguards.


There is a movie that came out in 2014. I did not watch it, but I want to watch it and probably will watch it. The movie might not be like the book because most movies that have a book will probably not have one.