Nikola Tesla

By:Femi Adejumo


Nekola Tesla thought that inventors should not get married.married. Nikola Tesla always thought that the modern world would be very advanced and he had high hopes.With out Tesla discoveries the major industries would be dead and outside would dark.Every thing he had had to me divisible by the number three.

what promoted his vesion

he had to go to the niagara falls because the needed was of getting electricity around the place after that allot if people need his help and he gained allot of popularity

how have scientists affected the world

They affected is a good way and bad way we now have allot of advanced technology but not all of is being used in a good way. Technological advances have lead us to success we now have electricity all over the world we have advanced medicine and in the future we could be even more advanced.

what unique experiences did he have

Nikola Tesla was reviled with Thomas Edison they both tried to go help Niagara falls and who ever worked there would of had control over the northeast and he ended up going up there and after that he became well know.
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when was he born

he was born on july 10th 1856 he was born in smiljan in the austrian empire he died on the 7 of January 1 1943

when he worked for Thomas edison

In 1882, Tesla began working for the Continental Edison Company in France, designing and making improvements to electrical equipment.He wanted to change edisons motors to direct current generators which help both of them very much and gave the company a big advance.

The x-ray

in 1894 Nikola tesla started investigating radiant energy.He had got in very far but lost all of his hard work in a fire in the new York times he said it was to much grief to talk about.he found out about xrays by using a geissler tube a type of gas discharge tube all it cought was a metal screw in the cammara lens but it mad him start working on the x-ray.

tesla coil

The tesla coil was a electrical resonant transformer made by nikola tesla in 1891.The tesla coil was used in a way of transporting electricity with out wires it produced very high voltages it could also produce low voltages.