Quintyn Pollman

Capital of Nepal

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu


30,430,267 as of 2014

physical features

Himalaya mountains,Karnal River,Narayai River,Koshi River,and Mout Evereat


  1. In 600 B.C. the Kirati people settled in the kathmandu valley.
  2. In 1200 the Malla Dynasty comes to power.
  3. In 1792 China puts an end to Nepalese expansion by defeating Nepal in Tibet.
  4. In 1814 Nepal fights a war with England and ends in 1816.


  1. Volleyball is very popular in Nepal.
  2. Nepal selabrates new years eve in mid April.
  3. Nepal eats two meals a day and a afternoon snack inmost homes.
  4. There are very few schools in Nepal.


  1. For many years Nepal was run by kings.
  2. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.
  3. most people have bikes or if not they walk only rich have cars.
  4. PM Sushi Koirala is the head of the goverment in Nepal.

My choice

  1. Nepal plays volleyball, cricket, and socker.
  2. the word please in Nepal is kripaya (kree-pie-ya)
  3. the word yes in Nepal is tlijur


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