Come to Chewandswallow today!

Come to the best town ever!

If you are sick of cooking meals for you or your family and don't know what to cook? Well you don't need to worry. Chewandswallow provides all the food for you and your family from the sky. Everyday, the meals change so you won't have the same, tedious, plain food everyday. After every meal, the Sanitation Department cleans up so the town will be clean everyday. The food is free, so there is no payment required and none of your time will be wasted for cooking time.

The sky supplies all the food you could possibly want

Are there any foods that you really wanted to eat but they don't have it in your location? If yes, Chewandswallow is definitely on the top of your list for your holiday. Chewandswallow has all the types of food that are from many other places. All the foods that you really love will always be in one of the meals and the food will never get obnoxious. Whenever there's left overs, you can save it for later in the day if you're hungry.

The menu never stays the same

Are you getting bored of eating the same food every single day? If you are, you must go to Chewandswallow. At Chewandswallow, the food comes three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, for lunch, if you had steak today, tomorrow for lunch you will have rice and the next day will be different again. You will never get tired of eating your meals at Chewandswallow everyday.

Sanitation Department workers clean up after every meal

Whenever there is food falling from the sky, you might sometimes think about the mess on the roads and houses, the rats and cockroaches being all over the place, the town is a garbage dump etc. Well, Chewandswallow has a Sanitation Department and they are the people who clean up all the food that falls on the houses, sidewalks and lawns and feed to all the dogs and cats. They also put some of the food into the oceans for the sea animals to eat and some of the food is put back into the earth so there will be richer soil. The food in Chewandswallow is never ever wasted.

Free food, no payment required

When you go to a restaurant and when you have finished eating, you have to pay right? Well, don't you think it's kind of irritating that the amount of money you have to pay is really expensive? Well, you must go to Chewanswallow because the food is free!! There is no payment required. With free food, you don't need to worry about how much you spend!

No time wasted for cooking time

Most people think cooking is just a complete waste of time. They think that buying food is a faster way and it can save time but what about the money? You still have to pay but at Chewandswallow, you don't have to pay or waste your time preparing or buying your food. Instead of using your time cooking, you could be with your family doing things together. Wasting your time on cooking is leaving your precious things behind. That is the last reason why you must go to Chewandswallow.


In conclusion, you must definitely visit Chewandswallow because it's an amazingly phenomenal place to visit and you wouldn't want to miss out, would you?