How to Save On Maintenance Costs for Cheap Cars Online

1) Get a Good Diagnostic from a Specialist

Good talent is expensive, and new Cars sale /car dealers have the most talented mechanics. The Problem is that they charge you twice as much for hours billed, and bill you twice as many hours, so in total that’s 4 times the price of a regular mechanic. So here’s what you do to get around this: you just use the new car dealer for a “diagnostic.” This should cost you in the ballpark of $100, but once you know what to do, the rest of the labour can be done by any simple mechanic that costs 1/4th the price.

2) Ask Around for a Cheap Labourer

To find a cheap car mechanic who can do the leg work, ask around your neighbourhood, and don’t be afraid to call two or even three people for a quote, once you know what you want them to do, they should be able to give you an estimate very quickly.

3) Buy Parts Yourself

DO NOT ever allow a mechanic to buy you parts. If you allow him to do this, he will most certainly bill you for parts that you probably don’t even need, sometimes they might not even change the parts but bill you for them anyway along with the cost of the installation labour. Buy the parts yourself and take them to the mechanic, no matter what he says.

4) Buy Parts Online

You can buy almost any regular part for cars online nowadays, and buying them online usually costs a fraction of the price of your local auto parts store. Check sites like google shopping, etc…

5) Maintain Regularly

Don’t allow nagging problems to continue on your car, because chances are if one thing is broken or not working properly it will lead to another part to break. Remember, everything on your car is interconnected, so get to a mechanic and fix any problems immediately.

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