By: Cheryl Dronet


Urbanization was the process of cities or town growing rapidly, this mostly occurred in the Northwest and Midwest. In the 19th century there was a big technology boom, this contributed to growing the industrialization strength of the United States.

Benefits and Opportunities of Urbanization

Some benefits of urbanization was that immigrants would move over and it would give factories more people to work for less. Another one was that immigrants that are moving over will have a place to work.

Problems with Urbanization

Housing: There were only two housing options; you could either living on the outskirts of the city and have transportation problems or live in the city and be crowded. Houses were small and they would try and fit as many people into a household as they could. When the people native to the city moved, they would fit two or three immigrant families into a one family house.

Transportation: the mass transit made it possible to transport large numbers of people across town quickly. One of the problems was that when one of the mass transit's broke down, it was almost impossible to fix it.

Water: At the time, filters for water was not a thing. If you had water, that was the water you had to drink and majority of the times it was unsafe. Many diseases were results of drinking the water, it was obvious when someone was running a fever or was sick.

Sanitation: The more the city grew, the harder it became to manage cleanliness. Trash would collect on the streets from people dumping it there. Horse manure gathered up on the streets and foul smoke roamed through the factories.

Fire: With there being a lack of water, it was not easy to put our fires. There was not electric heaters, or light bulbs; they were depended on candles and kerosene heaters. With the issues of earthquakes, this caused the fires to spread quickly and they were not able to put them out.

Issues today

I don't think that the issues they had back then are still as bad as they were today. We still have some issues, but most of them are resolved. For example, we now have vehicles so we are able to get to places easier. Safe water is now provided instead of people always getting sick, we have clean water to drink and use.