Mentor Texts

Taylor Gros, Section B, 9/9/15

Main Ideas

  • "Mentor texts can provide students with valuable ways to approach their own writing"
  • Students have opportunity to learn from other writers first hand
  • Great when teaching "6+1 Writing Traits"
  • They read different works and focus on the writing, not the story.
  • "Reading like writers"- they look for different strategies that the author used when telling a story or writing an article
  • Students can see what kind of language is used for different contents
  • Picture Books are great for narrative writing

Personal Opinion

  • I think the idea of using "mentor texts" can help a teacher tremendously
  • Shows a student first hand how strategies work
  • I personally like the idea of using a book the students already know story wise, then they can further connect to the authors point of view
  • "Author caps"- students think of themselves as authors which could be motivation
  • I would definitely use mentor texts, take help where you can get it!


-What are some ways you have seen writing being taught?

-What ideas do you have for using this strategy with struggling readers?

- What kind of difficulties could you predict coming with mentor texts?

- Do you think it would be easier to use mentor texts with some concepts but not others? Why or why not?


Mentor Texts in the Writing Workshop


Pytash, K., & Morgan, D. (2014). Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing in Science and Social Studies. Read Teach The Reading Teacher, 93-102.