Assisi Aid Projects



AAP's approach to community development has changed over the 40 years of working with disadvantaged communities. Their success is due to their commitment to supporting tangible, practical and most importantly, self-sustaining initiatives in disadvantaged communities. Assisi works directly with communities, particularly women, to alleviate poverty through initiatives such as Self-Help/Savings Groups, microenterprise and educational, health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services. The use of the Self-Help model in communities encourages collective savings schemes, which members can draw from to establish micro-enterprises and generate an income. The Groups also provide a vehicle to address key development issues within the communities.
Focus areas:
- Community economic development
- Maternal health
- Women’s empowerment
- Education
- Water and sanitation
- Food security

What have AAP been doing in Timor-Leste???

AAP have been help mothers in Timor-Leste in the ‘Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies’ project, which works in 20 villages in Baucau and lautem districts. Because of this project, each village has set up a self-help group called a SHIO (Suku Hadomi Inan no oan - in English ‘the village loves it’s mothers and children’). There are 40 members in each group and they each have been trained as educators mother and child issues. Each group holds monthly meetings about the job of a mother and the health of the child which includes receiving vaccinations on a regular basis and their food diet.

How about India and Cambodia??

In India

AAP have been helping a all over India in more ways than one. They have been helping children get scholarships in Chennai and Trichy. They have been empowering children in Vadanalor and women in both Pudukottai and Perambalor. AAP has set up children parliaments and tuition classes for 510 children in Vadanalor

In Cambodia

AAP recently completed year two of the three year project in Cambodia, with work focused on nine villages in Trapeang roung and Phat Sanday.

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