team sanford

march 6

Action Items

On a recent walk through, we were complimented because we have current work on display in our hallway. Great job. Do a double check at your classroom and make sure you have current student work on display.

Also, in one classroom a visitor asked a student what learning target they were working on and the student confidently shared with the visitor what the learning target was. Make sure your students know.

Grade 2-5 teachers respond to the SOL Analysis Discussion Board by Monday as their Playbook Day learning product.

Finally, consider activities that James Maxlow in Technology is sending out. These activities may save you some planning time and can be engaging to the students.

Picture of the week: Success. A student READING Dr. Seuss.

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We have 21 days until spring break. After spring break, we have 22 days until SOL testing. Make every instructional moment count! This is our year to become fully accredited!

upcoming events

March 11 Surry Siren test is scheduled

March 11 Lead Team Meeting 7am

March 13 Full day for students

March 15 (Sunday) One City Marathon-Sanford is water/wave station

March 19 PTA meeting 6:00 with performance by 1st and 2nd graders

March 24 Playbook Day 300-400

April 6-10 Spring Break

April 24 K-2 Field Day

April 28 Playbook Day