Week 4 Announcements


Head's up! Due to being out of the office last week, Ms. A is behind on grading.

She will be grading like a mad woman on Monday to catch up! Thanks for your patience!

E3 Eligibility Check coming up! Work due by this Friday by Midnight!!

NO Live Events this Week!

Health Course: Questions about Competencies

The first comps were due last Friday. This kind of assessment is new to many of you, and it might take a bit of getting used to. Just like all other work for my courses, you should check the feedback that I leave you and feel welcome to update your grade with additional evidence of your understanding. Comps are heavily weighted as the majority of your grade, so take them seriously and show me everything you have learned! :)
Some students have been wondering how to get their Dashboard set up to access their courses easily. Check out the video below for details on that!
HowTo Customize Your Canvas Dashboard