Raddatz Review

September 19, 2016

Partnership Night

Many thanks to those families who were able to make it out for Partnership Night last week. If you couldn't make it, your child should have brought a folder with a few pieces of information inside including the slide show.

The apple can be returned to me with a message inside so your child can keep it in the portfolio.

It was wonderful to see so many of you! Thanks again for your support!

Partnership Night Presentation

Click on the link to view the presentation from Partnership Night.



Some of you have inquired about volunteering. This year, we have many new initiatives and programs. I can not promise you will be working with children every week. Some weeks, I might need all of the students in the room with me and might ask you to do some "housekeeping" things like copying or organizing a new game or math manipulative.

If you are still willing and interested, send me an email with your favorite day and a small range of times you are free and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Keep in mind how late our lunch is (12:50-1:50) when you think about morning or afternoon options.

Thanks in advance!

Homeroom Parent/Party Leaders

Some of you can not help weekly or every other week, but perhaps you could help with a party or be our Homeroom Parent! At Partnership Night, we had volunteers for the Halloween Party Co-Planner and Valentine's Day Co-Planner.


Homeroom Parent Duties:

  • Plan and facilitate 3 parties for the classroom.
  • Primary communication between the co-planners and the teacher.
  • Coordinate donations of class items for the school fair basket (March 18).
  • The Homeroom Coordinator will provide ideas to help this go smoothly!

Holiday Party Co-Planner Duties:

  • Work with the homeroom parent to plan and facilitate the classroom party on December 22nd.

Please consider helping in one of these ways.

Reading and Writing

We are continuing in our first units for reading and writing. We are setting expectations and guidelines for how workshop will run in Room 405.

Keep sharing writing ideas together as a family. Those small moment stories from personal lives are so very important. Most small moment stories take place in a relatively short amount of time (20 minutes or so) and have a strong feeling that goes along with the story.


We are continuing to review addition and subtraction strategies. Continue to review these facts at home as well. Playing a math game is a great (fun) way to review facts!

We are also using the calendar to see patterns in multiplication. There are many patterns to see in the calendar, which is both fun and education for the students. In third grade, we focus on how our world is organized.

Word Study

A word study assessment was given last week. I will use the data to help understand the current spelling abilities of each child. Spelling in our language can be a real challenge!

After a professional development meeting in October, we will get started! Until then, we will work on some commonly misspelled words as a review in class.

Our Specials Schedule

For many different reasons, you may want to know our specials schedule.

  • Monday

Art 10:30-11:30

  • Tuesday

Spanish 9:55-10:25

  • Wednesday

PE 11:05-11:35

  • Thursday

Book Check Out 12:20-12:35

Information Literacy 2:35-3:05

PE 3:10-3:40

  • Friday

Music 10:30-11:00


Many thanks to Mrs. O'Neill, Mrs. Rumball, and Mrs. Foster for helping students tie-dye t-shirts on Friday and then staying longer to help cover writer's notebooks. These were large jobs and they were done quickly! Thanks again!!