Clark High School Monday Memo

May 15, 2017

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Cougar Chow is THIS Friday-May 19th

Don’t forget...this Friday is Cougar Chow. A and B lunch will be combined for the first lunch. Then C and D will be combined for the second lunch. Each lunch will have a full hour outside to take advantage of all there will be to eat and play. Tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during all 4 lunch periods on Wednesday and Thursday & before school on Friday, May 19. Tickets will also be available for purchase during Cougar Chow. Tickets are $1.00 each

Don’t forget to buy extra tickets for an opportunity to dunk your favorite Clark Administrator or Teacher!

5 tickets is the typical amount needed to provide a meal and a drink.

It is each teacher’s choice as to whether he or she wants to eat lunch outside or not, but ALL teachers are needed to help supervise outside during their study hall period.

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Cougar Chow Duty Schedule

Station 1 – Cafeteria

A/B - Michelle Gibson-South door

A/B - Jerrod Kay-Tables near stage area

A/B – Joan Johnston-North Door

C/D – Amber Carter-South door

C/D – Deborah Bramlett-North door

C/D – Amanda Mathis-Tables near stage area

Station 2 – Cougar Den

A/B – Julia Hayter

C/D – Lori Nicks

Station 3 – Main Foyer

A/B – Mikel Salsgiver

C/D – Chad Moon

Station 4 – Gym Hall

A/B – Nicole Vickerman

C/D – Cristine Jordan

Station 5 – Fine Arts Hall

A/B – Casie Gall

C/D – Mike Mathis

Special Education Documentation due May 22nd to your Department Chair

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Please gather the information below for all students who are MODIFIED in your class and submit to your department chairs by Monday, May 22nd. Department chairs...please collect from each teacher and submit to Rachel Spiros or Monica Luckey in the Sped office:

  1. Include two samples per six weeks that exemplify growth on each IEP goal of the course of the IEP year
  2. Include the student’s full name, date, and year on each sample
  3. Write the number of the goal being addressed on each sample

You also need to turn in an accommodation tracker for EVERY special education student in your doesn’t matter if they receive modifications or not.

Note from Janis Williams-Teachers, I want to be sure you understand why special education is required by the district to collect this information to file away for each of your students. It is to protect you if a parent goes to the Texas Education Agency and reports that you did not following their child’s modifications or accommodations. The samples serve as proof that you were addressing the IEP goals of students receiving modifications, and the accommodation trackers serve as proof that you were providing and/or offering the accommodations in a child’s IEP. Please note this is to protect you if there was to be a TEA investigation, and yes, those happen. If questioned, you want to have documentation to support what you are doing in your classroom. Please contact Monica Luckey with any questions you may have about this data collection.

Textbooks, Uniforms, and Supplies

Yes, it is that time of the year. If you teach a class where students will not need their textbooks to study for their semester exam, please begin collecting those now. Naturally, they may be allowed to keep them until exam day if they choose. If you issued any novels this year, please make sure to collect them and call parents if students have not returned them. The same goes for any uniforms, equipment, supplies, library books, etc. that need to be returned.

If a student has not turned in all textbooks, library books, supplies, uniforms, etc. for your class, he or she will be sent to the front office to visit with an administrator at the beginning of class on the day of your exam. Students will not be sent back to class to take their exam until a parent has been contacted and arrangements have been made to get the missing item(s) delivered to campus.This system has worked wonderfully in the past, but we need to start reminding students now of what they have to turn in and when.

End of Year Procedures

We will review our very important End of the Year procedures, including textbooks, hold lists, no shows for semester exams, keys, check out procedures, and so much more on May 22nd during our professional development time in 100W starting at 8:00 a.m.

Spring Final Exam Makeups

It’s that time of year again—final exams. Unfortunately, it also means that there will be kids missing them. Many of you have already received correspondence from students and/or their parents regarding being absent during finals week.

Here is how we will be handling Final Exam makeups this semester:

The students should have their parents complete a Clark High School Student Absence Request and submit it to Attendance ASAP. Absence request forms may be found online or picked up from the attendance window. IMPORTANT: No exam makeups will be scheduled prior to 1st period on the first day of exams. All absence requests for exam week should be forwarded to Aquil Bayyan, regardless of alpha.

Once Aquil has received the form, he will be contacting parents about the proposed absence. If the absence is approved, Tracy Helms or Aquil Bayyan will pull the student to schedule make-up exams. When we get closer to exams, Tracy or Aquil will send an email daily to let teachers know when students have scheduled makeup exams. If a student will be making up a test for you, please set test materials aside in the testing room prior to the scheduled exam. We will place a crate there in which you will place exams for students with scheduled makeups as well as for “no-show” students.

Most exams will be made up during after-school tutorials on Tuesday through Thursday, May 30-June 1. We will schedule additional make-ups for June 5-9 and June 12-16, as needed.

Please read this part closely: Students who have not taken one or more exams by 1 pm on June 2nd will receive a grade of ‘0’ for the missing test(s) to be averaged into their semester grade. DO NOT ENTER AN INCOMPLETE FOR A STUDENT’S EXAM OR

SEMESTER AVERAGE! Through the last day of school, tests made up will be returned to the teacher for grading.

A Night to Honor our Teacher of the Year, Cristine Jordan

Plano ISD's Teacher of the Year Gala was held the evening of May 11 at the Plano Centre, and we celebrated Cristine Jordan in style! The gala was attended by approximately 1,100 educators, school and district administrators, PTA leaders, sponsors and other community members. We are so proud of you, Cristine!!
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