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Similarites and Differenes between Carlos Molina and Tim Braddock

Carlos Molina and Jim Braddock have similarities such as their career when they were boxing some had families such as Braddock but on the other hand Carlos was independent but meanwhile politics effected their families or life which caused them to struggle with family. As well as at the end of their career they both ended up being champions in their weight division after working hard 5 days of the week straight to maybe years of handwork. Further on, another similarity they have is that the were both underestimated by people but at the same time only their coaches and family believed in them. Carlos Molina and Jim Braddock have many similarities coming from politics effecting their career and also both winning in their division and last but not least being underestimated by many people but achieving big things. Jim Braddock and Carlos Molina have many differences such as that during their the beginning of their career, Jim known as "the Cinderella man" won first couple of fights then went down hill from there while Carlos known as "the king" had lost his first 6 fights then after that streak won all of his fights, coming from his name he was also the "king" of his light weight division and "the Cinderella man" was in heavy weight but got beaten by a light weight division champion. Yet although but, their physical features are very different too. the "Kings" is 5'9" while his reach is 70" on the other hand "the Cinderella man" is 6'2" while his reach is 75" this shows that they are very different for them because with the "king" he was smaller with his entire body and still won more then "the Cinderella man" but the advantage that he has was that he had a viscous right arm. Finally the "king" and the "the Cinderella man" have many differences coming from their boxing record to what division they take place and to their features. All in all, Carlos Molina and Jim Braddock have their similarities and differences nut both end up being champions in their division.

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Michael Oher Story

Michael Oher a NFL football player was struggling very much from his childhood but by the end of his teens everything has turned around from him. In Michael Oher childhood he wasn't easiest to live through while his mother was an drug attic and his father was sent to jail then sadly he was murder. By the time that all occurred all he had were his 12 siblings he got drifted away from constantly being homeless and being at foster homes, school never worked out for him in his first 9 years of school he got moved many times. Luckily when he was 16 everything changed for him, he was taken in by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuhoy when he was 17 they became his legal guardian. in his junior year of high school he excelled in football starting in left tackle on the varsity team and quickly became a top football prospect in the state of Tennessee which lead to multiple scholarships from division one schools. Further on, he was also offered to participate in the U.S Army all American Bowl, later in his career he was drafted in the NFL 2008 and took the ravens to Super Bowl LXVII. All in all, all it took for Michael Oher to become succsessful was that he needed a loving and supporting family there for him.

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Kurt warner foot ball failure to football acheiver

Kurt Warner a not so big shot to big shot in his football career was underestimated by many people and ended up achieving numerous things at the end of his story. In Kurt Warner early life he excelled in high school sports especially in football, he was Favorited by the coach very much that he was able to call out his own plays shortly after his high school years college football programs were very dissapointed in him, giving him lack of interest, but good enough he ended up at U.N.I. university of northern Iowa which wasn't a very good school for football . Then in 1994 he went un- drafted because he wasn't "good enough for NFL talent" but then he finally got accepted by the rams and which ended in 2003 then in 2004 he signed a 1 year contract with them later on in 2005 he lead the AZ cardinals with a 4 year contract, by the time he was he 'supposed' to retire he proved he was still able to play in the NFL.

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Gabby Douglas Winning Gold Medalist

Gabby Douglas a Olympic all around gold medalist in gymnastics sacrificed very much to reach her goal. For gabby to win, what she had to do was that she had to leave her family and pets behind in Virginia and move to Iowa with a white family she didn't know at all, but on the good side they treated her like she was family. Douglas always felt scared being in Iowa because she felt that she were the only black person in town. After she settled in Iowa she trained with a Chinese trainer from china, Gabby always worked very hard, usually she trained 4-6 hours per day 6 days a week working on any imperfections she had with her trainer. As a result of all that hard work it lead her to the Olympics participating in gymnastics and winning a gold medal against 2 Russians who were devastated.

Scott darling from a mess to succses

Scott Darling was a mess before he played for the hockey team Chicago black hawks. He started as an underdog at a young age, he was an alcoholic, which cost him his spot on the team for U.N.I university of main hockey league. Coming from Scott he said he was lost after that he states " I realized how far I had fallen in such a short period of time. I went from a top college prospect to jobless, no degrees, didn't make it out of my college career and no bright spots in the future. I just had a moment of 'that's it'. I've been trying to build my way back up ever since". After that period of his life for him he made his way back up to play for the hockey team Chicago Black Hawks and plays goalie for them. Scott Darling hockey player was lost before he found his spot on the team black hawks.

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There are many underdogs in sports, such as Carlos Molina and Tim Braddock, Kurt Warner, Michael Oher, last but not least Gabby Douglas and Scott darling. They were all behind at one point in their lives they have had to sacrifice things to achieving many things and reach their goals.