How To Draw

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Favorite Webpages:

Here are some useful sites:

Simple and easy how to draw instruction:

Favorite how to draw author:

How to draw people:

How to draw page from Ed Emberley:

How to draw Captain Underpants:

How to draw - collected videos and information from children's authors:

How to draw videos from illustrator Jan Brett:

How to draw video lessons:

More information pages on how to draw and do other art as well:

Drawing for Kids

from Kinder Art

There are a ton of lessons for grades K-8. There are also tabs for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and more.

How to Draw

from Art Hub for Kids

You’ll find a variety of drawing lessons here, each with a video. There are also tabs for painting and sculpting.

Learn to Draw

from Activity Village

There are lessons for drawing animals, seasons, holidays, people, and more.

Paint Play Activities

from Learning 4 Kids

There is a wide variety of painting ideas here. I want to try the paint pops idea!

3-D Art and Sculpture Ideas for Kids

from The Artful Parent

There are ideas for sculptures with toothpicks, wood, rocks, cardboard, and more. Click on the Arts and Crafts tab for painting, drawing, and other ideas.

Videos that could be useful:

How to draw a boy:

How to Draw a Cartoon Fish Easy Kids Art Lesson Tutorial
How to Draw a Spiky Boy
Drawing Lessons : How to Draw People for Children

Cartooning for beginners video:

Cartooning for beginners. Lesson #1.

How to Draw a Simple Character

How to Draw a Simple Character (step by step) - For Kids

Fun Simple Drawing Video-- using numbers to start the picture

Drawing with numbers from 1 to 0 for "KIDS"

Ed Emberley Illustrator

Ed Emberley, Children's Book Illustrator—Getting to know Ed | tutorial

Just for Fun- How to Draw Angry Birds

How to Draw angry birds

Collected by Debbie Alvarez