Health & Safety at Work

Lesson 8

Ethics and Safety

How do these relate? Lesson 7 and 8 basically go hand and hand. Good ethics lead to safer circumstances and scenarios at work usually. Usually people with good morals and behavior tend to avoid dangerous situations anywhere, especially at work.

How can you be safe?

One of the biggest causes of people getting hurt in the work place is simply lack of common sense. People don't do simple things like clean up after themselves or just don't make very smart decisions, and people end up getting hurt as a result. In some professions, the risk of getting hurt is part of the job. But in other places, it can be very easily prevented.

Harassment in the Workplace

We also went into further detail about various types of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. There are various rules and laws that have been established to prevent discrimination in the workplace. We reviewed some of the rules and benefits given to the people who have been victims to this.