Impressive Pyramid Building

When they first built the pyramids

Step to build them

I’m impressed with how the Egyptians made the Pyramids. One of the steps I was impressed with was the Size and shape. The second and final step of the building process I’m most impressed with is how they transported the stone.

First they cut the right size and shape of the stone. The Pyramids were really huge for the Kings that have died and we're bared their. The football fields were the size for 10 football fields long. The biggest pyramid is 13.5 acres long that is really long. The shape of the pyramid is a geometric triangle. The bottom of a pyramid is a squared. The shape and size of the block used for the pyramids are perfect. The the pyramids were built to make them look mathematically perfect. When the builders built them it must of took them a year or two to build them.

Secondly they moved the stones to help build the the pyramids. They used water to transport the stones. The water would move fast enough to move the stone that was 70 tons. It spread far enough to take the stones to the pyramids. They used sledge to take the stone to whatever part of the pyramids they wanted. The sleds would help hold the stones for the Egyptians. When the Egyptians used the sledge to make it easier to move things over the sand would drag easy on the sand and stone to get them where they want the stones to be. The waterways also helped move the stones to where ever they needed to be. The waterways were dug by hand from the sand and then they added the water to. Another word for the waterway is a trench.

Now you know the two steps that impressed me the most size and shape and transporting the stones. I like pyramids and now and I hope you do too.