KPRD Summer Camp

Newsletter: Week 4

Wet Wars - Wet n' Wild

Wet n' Wild Emerald Pointe

This Friday campers will experience one of the coolest parks in our area! Campers should wear their bathing suits to camp, and have comfortable athletic type shorts or pants and their bright yellow camp T-Shirt. Flip-flops will be allowed Friday as well. Be aware that the kids will be out in the sun all day, so we highly recommend packing sunscreen with them to reapply, along with a water bottle to help stay hydrated. Campers also need to bring at least $10 for their lunch - please place each campers money in their red waterproof pouches.We will be returning from the field trip around 5:00pm. Campers will be responsible for their spending money.

*********NOTE TO ALL PARENTS***********

From Allie:

I have 10 extra tickets that are at a discounted price of $25. If you are interested in coming with your child to Wet n' Wild, and wish to purchase one of these tickets, please let me know NO LATER THAN Thursday, July 17; I will give the tickets out first come, first served. We would love to have you join us in the fun and sun! Just send me an email ( to let me know you are interested.

Kernersville Fire Department - GIANT WATERSLIDE

Monday, July 14th, 10am

309 Nelson St

Kernersville, NC

On Thursday, we will be going to Civitan Park for a giant waterslide put together by our wonderful fire department. Campers need to come to camp with their bathing suits already on, and ready to get soapy and wet! Please pack a change of clothes, as well as tennis shoes for the rest of the day.

Our week, at a glance.....


· Meeting new friends & hanging at Triad Park!


· Creek Stomping at 4th of July Park

· $$ Kona Ice! $$


· Swimming Day at Branchwood Pool


· Waterslide with the fire department

· Crafts


· Wet N Wild

Kona Ice

Kona Ice will be bringing its flavored shaved ice to camp EVERY TUESDAY this summer at 1:00 pm! Kona Ice is available in four different sizes: Kiddie ($2), Regular ($3), King Kona ($4), and Kowabunga Cup. If they Kowabunga cup is purchased, then each week the camper returns, they will be able to refill it for only $3!

Swimming is on Wednesday!

Campers should wear their bathing suits under their clothes and bring a change of clothes on swim day. Parents should apply sunscreen before coming to camp. Counselors cannot apply sunscreen. Don’t forget to pack a towel and a lunch! Swimming is at Branchwood neighborhood pool in Kernersville across from the 4th of July Park.

Don't Forget!

Ø Make sure your camper is wearing tennis shoes every day (flip flops permitted on swim day only) and comfortable clothing.

Ø Don’t forget to pack a lunch and an afternoon snack every day!

Ø Make sure the person picking up your camper(s) in the afternoon knows their password!