Hey girl, c'mon, you got it wrong.

To prove I am right, I put you in an asylum.

Hey girl, I'm waiting on you.

So, c'mon, and let me sneak you into the Asylum for Deranged Females-The Weight-Loss Eating Disorder Section.

Here at the Asylum for Deranged Females-The Weight Loss Eating Disorder Section, we have designated personnel who have been trained to treat girls of all ages suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia through the act of force.

We believe that force is a very powerful tool and is the only way to free these females from these eating disorders they have engaged their bodies in as a method of losing weight.

Our designated personnel treat these girls through placing them in their own living spaces and placing them in straitjackets to prevent any resistance from them whenever the time to feed them comes. Whenever that time comes, they drug them to the point of unconsciousness and then force food down their throats. But, not just a little food, oh, no. And not just a 'sufficient' amount of food. I mean, more than enough food.

We feed our patients based on a high-calorie diet that is designed to aid them in gaining weight. But, not just a little weight. A lot of weight. A lot of weight to the point that they are at the farthest point ever from resulting to destructive weight loss eating disorders. That's right. We treat them to the point that they are overweight, or fat, per se.

Our designated personnel also teach these girls that being large, fat, or overweight, is good and that there is no need to be skinny. Absolutely no need. We aid our patients in gaining enough weight to the point where there is not even a mere possibility they would be able to lose it again and result to these destructive weight-loss eating disorders ever again. Never, ever, again.

As you can see, we care for our patients. We care that they never harm themselves again. Ever. And that is our promise to you. If you want to prove to the girl in your life, that they have got it wrong, and you want to prove it right. You know what to do. Place them in the Asylum for Deranged Females-The Weight Loss Eating Disorder Section and you will have taken the first step towards ending their destruction of their bodies for good. Do it. For them.

And have a celebration: there's benefits!

Benefits of sending a female you know suffering from weight-loss eating disorders:

  1. You end her struggle with a weight loss eating disorder FOR GOOD.
  2. You offer her treatment at a specialized facility with trained professionals that know how to deal with these weight loss eating disorders the right way.
  3. You give yourself the ease of mind in knowing that your girl will never result to a weight loss eating disorder EVER AGAIN. And don't you deserve that peace?

Call us today at 940-593-9890 for your free consultation! Or visit us at asylumforderangedfemales.com/weightlosseatingdisorders.

(The pictures shown on this ad are photos of patient Alice Hunter. The photo at the top of this page is a picture of her within her early stages of treatment, the one below it is of her reaching her end of treatment. We are so proud and happy for you, Alice! Congratulations)