It's Time to Stop Sexual Assault

Affirmative Consent to Prevent Sexual Assault

What Defines Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is any sexual act or attempt at a sexual act, any unwanted sexual comments, or any unwanted sexual advances, on someone who does not want any of these regardless of their relationship to each other.

So Why Affirmative Consent?

Affirmative consent is different than the current sexual consent policy because it requires both parties to agree to every part of the sexual interaction. This is the "yes means yes" law! When people think of sexual consent, they think of "no means no" which is the current sexual consent policy. However, affirmative consent eliminates the gray area in sexual assaults. There is no longer a question whether or not the victim said no. They either said yes or it was sexual assault.
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Lets Talk Statistics

  • Each year there are over 293,000 sexual assaults in the US
  • 98% of attackers will never spend a day in jail
  • 73% of schools have no protocols in place when working with police
  • 68% of sexual assault cases are not reported
  • For every 1000 college students, 35 will experience sexual assault each academic year
For more information and statistics please refer to the following website from which the above statistics were drawn

Following the Organizations

There are many organizations in the nation that support the fight to end sexual assault. One of the most prevalent ones is It's On Us. It's On Us is a government organization that serves to end sexual assault here in the US. This organization explains how everyone can have an impact on stopping sexual assault. Their slogan is "It's on us to stop sexual assault". They have published many videos on the internet advertising their cause.
It's On Us: Bystander PSA

Thank you Mr. President

Not only are their government organizations that fight for the end of sexual assault, the government itself also participates in this fight. The following video was posted by the White House YouTube channel. The video features our President, Barack Obama, along with many other famous figures.
1 is 2 Many PSA: 60 Second