Collins Investment Company

By: Devin Collins

Why saving and investing are important

Whatever people save they generally invest it to get a bigger reward/profit.They might invest it in land,or a house.In terms of firms they invest what they save to be able to produce more products and earn more profit.When the levels of saving are high so is investment and so is economic growth.

Tips on saving!!!

when saving money start as soon as possible cause every penny counts. stick spare change into a jar and in like a month take it to the bank and exchange it for dollar bills then stick those dollar bills in to a savings account so over time it adds up to a lot of money.

tips on investing

Make a plan

figure out how long your going to invest

get comfortable

first figure out what your going to invest in and how long you want to be invested in to it. and dont worry about it just relaax and be comfturable and if u want to stop investing in it and invest into something else then do it just dont get stressed out

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