Teacher Appreciation Week 2015-2016

Let's "Color our Mark" to Brighten our Future!

Dear Forman Family...

You are cordially invited to a week-long celebration to Color our Mark to Brighten our Future with fun, food and flip-flops!

Please dress to the theme of each day by adorning yourselves daily in flip-flops, jeans, capris, Bermuda shorts to the knees while maintaining a professional flair (professional dress if you are EVER off-campus at a training representing Forman/PISD)!

We are trying for duty free lunch/recess daily along with Party Carts each day!

Please know how fortunate and thankful we are for your dedication! We appreciate YOU! Love, The Office Team

Consideration for those on vegetarian and vegan diets are made. Suggestions for food ideas welcomed! Please share with Tramy. Thank you!

Tramy Tran

Forman is a Learning Family

where we collaborate with positive character

in a judgement free environment

turning challenges into opportunities to grow

for lifelong success.