Technology in Lineville

Kelly Klusmeyer

Typing Web

Link to Typing Web:

  1. Typing Web helps you with your typing so that it's not as hard when your older.
  2. Plus it's very easy.
  3. Typing Web is very fun.


Link to iTrailer:

  1. iTrailer is just like a iMovie but its just a preview of it.
  2. Its very short and easy.
  3. Super fun to add your own photos.

Career Locker

Link to Career Locker:

  1. Career Locker is a fun way to find your dream job.
  2. It has so many careers to choose from.
  3. Plus you can take a test to see what matches you the most.

Haiku Deck

Link to Haiku Deck:

  1. Haiku Deck is basically a Presi but with less words.
  2. You can take word from your slide and it searches the word you chose.
  3. It is very fun and easy.

Explain Everything

Link To Explain Everything:

  1. Explain everything lets you add picture and draw on them or add word/drawings to help you understand it more.
  2. It lets you explore your mind and lets you know what you can do with it.
  3. you can basically do anything you want.

Hour of Code

Link to Hour of Code:

  1. Hour of Code helps you if you want to do anything with computers.
  2. Helps you understand what it is.
  3. Also very confusing when you start but eventually get easier.

Email Etiquette

No link To Email Etiquette

  1. Email Etiquette is not a website but a understanding of how to write emails the correct way.
  2. This helps you know not to use alot punctuation and capitalism when you email
  3. Plus it is kinda fun.

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