Consumer bill of rights

six rights of consumers

The six rights of consumers are

  1. To be informed
  2. To choose
  3. To be heard
  4. To have education
  5. To have service
  6. To have safety.
These I will explain and also give at least 3 life examples.
to be informed. You whant to be informed when your packages arrive.

To chose. You have $12.00 and you have to choose a shampoo and conditioner, but you like two different brands, and each bottle cost $6.00.

Be heard. You bought a antique vace, and when you opened the box the vace was broken. You whant to complain.

Education. You whant to apply for a job at the bank but you don't know anything about the bank.

Service. You need help getting something off the top shelf. You spot a coworker you walk up to him and asked him to help, he ignored you and walked away.

Safety. You whant to buy paint, but you whant to know if the paint has no led in it.

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