Sir Walter Raleigh

Queen Elizabeth's favorite!

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Biographical Information

Sir Walter Raleigh was born January 22, 1554 in Devon, England. He died October 29,1618 in London, England. Alongside being an explorer, Raleigh was also an English soldier, poet, and courtier. He had a full brother and sister, Carew and Margaret, as well as three half brothers on his mothers side, John, Humphrey, and Adrian. He married Bessy Throckmorton and had 2 kids, Walter and Carew. He was executed after committing treason.

What did he set sail for? Who sponsored him?

He set sail for Roanoke between 1585-1588. He wanted to establish a colony in North America. Many Indians made him return to Europe. He traveled back to what is now Virginia, but found no trace of Roanoke. He was able to fund his own voyages, but had trouble getting permission from the Queen to go on them.


How did he die?

When Queen Elizabeth died, a new king was elected, King James the First. One of Raleigh's biggest enemies was Lord Cecil. Lord Cecil told King James that Raleigh was an atheist and smoked tobacco. The King didn't like this and arrested Raleigh for treason. Raleigh tried to escape but was ultimately caught and killed. He died October 29, 1618.

Why is he is important?

Sir Walter Raleigh is most important for establishing the Virginia colony of Roanoke. Roanoke is in what we know as present day North Carolina. Raleigh also introduced tobacco and potatos to Europe.


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Why Sir Walter Raleigh Would Influence Me To Go To America

Sir Walter Raleigh would definitely influence me to go to America. He sailed to North America and found the colony of Roanoke. When he came back to Europe, he told everyone about the abundance of natural resources and the humble Natives who lived there. Since England was at war with Spain at the time, this would have sounded like a great plan.

There is one bad thing about the colony of Roanoke, though. Once Raleigh came back to get more supplies to take care of the colony, it was all gone. The Natives had left and the colony was empty. But, if some people were to inhabit the colony, it probably would have been okay. People would have been able to plant crops and keep the colony alive. In conclusion, Raleigh's findings of new resources and Natives would have influenced me to go to America.