Walnut Creek School District

Governing Board Meeting Summary for August 23rd, 2021

Governing Board Members

  • Heidi Hernandez Gatty-Board President - present

  • Nithin Iyengar-Board Clerk - present

  • Liz Bettis-Trustee - present

  • Aimee Moss-Trustee - absent

  • Zetta Reicker-Trustee - present

  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent - present

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Consent Calendar

The Board approved the following consent items:

  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 14th June 2021
  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes, 26th July 2021
  • June/July 2021 Warrants
  • Personnel Consent Calendar Items
  • 2021-22 Contracts & Services

Discussion Items

The Board heard discussions on the following topics:

  • Jan Rogenski & Stacy Freeman reported on the success of our Summer JumpStart Program
  • Approval of new job description, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, for Jan Rogenski
  • Superintendent Morgan reported on the opening of the 2021/22 school year, including discussion of our partnership this year with Dr. Nancy Dome on compassionate dialogue and cultivating a community of belonging
  • Organizational reports from WCTA and CSEA, Chapter 202
  • Superintendent's report of activity in the District
  • Potential Governing Board nominations for CSBA
  • Governing Board liaison schools and "hats" for the 2021/22 school year

Action Items

The Board voted on the following recommended action items:

  • Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee Members: recommend approval of 1) the re-appointment of CBOC members, Stephen Collins & Paul Rosenzweig and 2) the appointment of new CBOC members, Laura Pressley and Nick Wai-Poi - both sections approved 4-0
  • Child Nutrition Services: recommend approval of contract with Revolution Foods - approved 4-0
  • Substitute Retention Plan: recommend approval of plan to 1) increase the compensation for substitutes and 2) assist qualified classified staff in obtaining their credential to create larger substitute resources - both sections approved 4-0
  • Revolving Funds: recommend approval of an increase in WCSD's Revolving Fund account limit - approved 4-0
  • Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Report: recommend approval of 1) the 2020/21 Expenditure Reports and 2) the 2021/22 Application for Funding - both sections approved 4-0
  • Independent Study AB130: recommend approval of 1) Independent Study agreement between WCSD and Antioch's Thomas Gaines Virtual Academy and 2) updated Board Policy BP/AR 6158(a) - both sections approved 4-0
  • Updates and Additions to Board Policy: recommend approval of updates and additions to Governing Board Policy, Administrative Regulations and Board Bylaws as recommended by the California School Boards Association - approved 4-0

Reports from Governing Board Members

The Board Members reported the following activities since our last Board meeting:

  • Liz Bettis: enjoyed Institute Day and hearing Dr. Nancy Dome
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty: participated in Institute Day and the WaLaMOrinda Board President's meeting
  • Nithin Iyengar: nothing to report
  • Zetta Reicker: nothing to report
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3 Minimum Day (TK - 8th)

6 Labor Day Holiday - No School

13 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm

20 Parent Conferences, WCI

21 Parent Conferences, WCI

22 Parent Conferences, WCI

23 Parent Conferences, WCI

23 WCEF Meeting, 7pm

24 Parent Conferences, WCI

27 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm


4 Parent Conferences, Elementary/Tice Creek

5 Parent Conferences, Elementary/Tice Creek - Minimum Day

7 Parent Conferences, Elementary/Tice Creek - Minimum Day

8 Parent Conferences, Elementary/Tice Creek - Minimum Day

8 End of First Quarter, WCI - Minimum Day

11 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm

28 WCEF Meeting, 7pm


5 End of First Trimester, Elementary/Tice Creek - Minimum Day

8 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm

11-12 Veteran's Day - No School

18 WCEF Meeting, 7pm

22-26 Thanksgiving Break - No School

29 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm


1-3 Governing Board, CSBA-AEC, San Diego

13 Governing Board Meeting, 6pm

16 WCEF Meeting, tbd

17 End of Second Quarter, WCI

17 Minimum Day (TK - 8th)

20-31 Winter Break - No School