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October 14, 2016

Another Week Gone!

I can hardly believe that another week has gone by and that next week marks the end of the first quarter!

As we start the second quarter, I'd like to change the patriotic song and teach/use a different one. Anybody have a favorite? I'd like it to be one that's already on the CD in the gym. It's nice to use the music to teach the kids--especially as they're learning the song!

No video from me this week (5 minutes of video of me last week would be enough for anyone!). I will try that again, however! I have heard a couple of positive comments from people and got some constructive feedback.

But I am leaving shortly after school today and I'll be gone tomorrow as well. I am taking Maggie to Hastings for the state softball finals. I am fortunate that she still enjoys some "Daddy-Daughter" time with me. Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!

New Pics for the Hallway Needed!

If you have any recent photos of the great stuff you are doing in class, please email a picture or two to Wanetta. She will print them and get them up in the hallway.

We'd like all new pictures submitted by next Thursday. Earlier is OK, too! Thank you!

Looks like it was a great PLC!

Thank you so much for the detailed notes and discussion from Wednesday's PLC. After reading though it, it almost felt like I was there! I'll look through the notes again to help me build the next staff meeting (Thursday, Oct. 20) and building PLC (Nov. 9, I think!)

APL Tip of the Week

One of the great suggestions from Wednesday's PLC was to provide an APL idea or strategy in the Grant Gazette.

One of the things I remembered from the first two days of APL training was this:

The two keys of teacher success are:

1. Building healthy relationships with students.

2. Making students look good in front of their peers.

I try to participate in a Twitter chat every Wednesday at 9PM with other Nebraska educators. The hashtag is #nebedchat. Check it out sometime!

A couple of weeks ago, the moderator challenged us to think about how we build relationships with kids. He filmed 6 kids from his school and had them tell us a little about themselves. Each ended with the question: How will you build a relationship with me? I included Dante's video below. Although his examples came from the high school setting, how could you build a relationship with a kid like Dante?

Jot a few things down. At Thursday's staff meeting, I'd like to hear comments from you about how you'd try to build a relationship with Dante, as well as examples of how you make students look good to their peers.

Big image

Midwest Apple Crunch!

I'm dating myself a little, but doesn't Jacob St. Arnold (middle picture) look a lot like the kid from "The Christmas Story" who wanted the Red Rifle BB gun?


Monday: Troy's at Montessori through lunch

Tuesday: Prime Time--6 PM

Wednesday: Troy at Montessori 11:00-2:00

Grade Level PLC--2:25 PM


Grant Teacher's Meeting--3:30PM


Friday: NO SCHOOL! (Probably no Grant Gazette next week since we have a staff meeting on Thursday)

I am missing the Tailgate Party!

I am gone on Friday; I can't believe I am missing our own "Goodie Table Day"!

I shared the video below a couple of weeks ago, but it seems even more fitting today. Who is Grant's regular PPP person?

Goodie Table