OES Guidance Newsletter

April 2015

The Countdown Has Begun!!

Spring Break has come and gone!! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful spring break and enjoyed their time off. Now that spring break is long gone, I'm sure everyone has started a countdown for the end of the school year. We don't have long to go...so everyone keep up good work!!

Now...unto bullying. When many people think of bullying, they tend to think of kids being the only ones who are bullied. However, adults can and are bullied as well. In fact, teachers and other school stuff members can bully other teachers and staff members. Below are links to an article about teachers bullying teachers. It gives different stories about how other teachers in different parts of the country were bullied by other staff members and offers solutions for teachers that are being bullied. If you feel that you are being bullied by other staff members, please let someone know so we can be of assistance.



What's Happening This Month?

Guidance Lessons for April

Right before spring break, we did different activities with the students. For Kindergarten and 1st grades, each student made a "Happy Bunny" that they could take home with them. Some examples of this activity are below. For 2nd and 3rd grade, we came up different questions and put them into easter eggs. These questions related to some topics we had previously covered or they related to the 7 Habits. Each student would pick an egg, read the question aloud for the entire class to hear, and answer the question inside the egg.

After we came back from spring break, we did different topics with the students. For K-2, we focused on tattling. We read the book "The Bad Case of Tattle Tongue" by Julia Cook. For K-1, we had the students make a "Tattle Tongue." The "Tattle Tongue" has different situations on it that are either tattling or reporting. As a group we would determine which of the situations were tattling or reporting. We would then give them the face of the character for the book and they would color him and then glue him to a plate. This served as a reminder for when to report/tell. An example of this is below. For 2nd grade, we had a graphic organizer where we had different situations in which the students were to separate them into tattling and reporting. They were to then write down the situations in a chart to keep as a reminder.

For 3-5, we discussed hygiene. We read the book "Hygiene....You Stink" by Julia Cook. We then watch a short video about hygiene where it has different science facts that backed up why it's important to have good hygiene. Each student then thought of a real famous person and wrote them down. We then read these people out loud and then discussed how these people have good hygiene. We made a list of how these people have good hygiene.

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Upcoming Dates/Events

Upcoming Dates

*May 12 - 5th grade Field Trip to WHMS (More details to come)

*May 14 - WHMS Band visits 5th grade students (who will be attending WHMS)

*May 14 - 5th grade Field Trip of OMS

**Registration Info will be given on May 12 (WHMS) or May 14 (OMS)

*No more 504 requests/changes for this school year