May 2017

Immediate Transfers for 2017-2018

Secondary Immediate Transfer Requests for 2017-2018 will open on Monday May 1, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. for principals to approve or decline based on guidelines and without going over assigned FTE.

Elementary Immediate Transfer Requests will not open until August 1. We do advertise to the parents requesting these transfers that during the beginning month of school it could take up to two weeks of school before we would be able take action on those requests. This has been the practice for quite a number of years and posted on the SPS Transfer Request webpage.

Immediate Transfer Guidelines for Fourth Quarter

Currently May 1, 2017 marks the three week period of time that allows a student to stay at their current transfer site even though the family has moved outside the attendance area of the SPS District. This allows for the student to have a smooth ending to school. This does not allow for the student to continue in the upcoming school year if they are still outside the SPS attendance area.

If one of your Immediate Transfer students receives their third and final letter that revokes their transfer, they can continue to attend the transfer school site until the end of the current school year. The student will be expected to return to their home attendance school in the fall.

Volunteers- News and Updates

SPS Volunteers have made a huge difference for our students and staff this school year. Summer volunteer options are available for each session for Explore! Site Volunteer Coordinators should remind building principals, if they are working a session of Explore, to include summer volunteer opportunities at their site.

July 1 will be the beginning of our new volunteer year. We will send a blast email out for current approved volunteers to complete the 2017-2018 volunteer application so we can begin checking them for a need for a new or updated background check.

This brings up questions every year. Here are a few to assist you in your work.

Question #1. Why does a volunteer need to complete a new volunteer application each year?

Answer #1: First, people's addresses and emergency contacts need to be current. Second, we review each volunteer as to whether or not they need a new background check for the upcoming school year. This is important and a critical component for keeping our students and staff as safe as possible.

Question #2: Why does a volunteer have to complete a volunteer application for each school at which they wish to volunteer?

Answer #2: Each Site Volunteer Coordinator can only see their school's volunteer applications. These applications have critical and important information about the volunteer and their approval for volunteering, as well as their

Question #3: How long does a volunteer's background check last?

Answer #3: Our background checks for good for three calendar years.

Question #4: Is there a cost to the volunteer to obtain a background check?

Answer # 4: No, the Board of Education has allowed sufficient budget for our programming to pay for all volunteers that need a background check.

Question #5: Will there be VIP lanyards like we had last year for this new school year for our volunteers? Will there be personalized badges offered?

Answer #5: Yes, we are currently in the process of ordering these for our volunteers. It was a big hit with them and they were very proud to wear these.

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