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The Mojave

The planet known as Gliese 667cc is know going to be called the Mojave, or more importantly your new home, as are great Earth is dying and being ravaged by apes we need a new world, so you must lead the journey to the frontier of SPACE.
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Some known facts about your "neaby" home

The temperature is only slightly above Earth's and it is a average of 87F.
The length of a day is unknown but a year is only 28 days.
It has no moons or rings around it :(
It will take 236.2 years to get there, WOW that's long.
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A closer scientific look at your new home

Judging by its mass of 1.85132 X 10<25(REALLY BIG) scientists believe it is a rocky planet.
it's diameter is 6.3X 10<3
If you are 15 you would be 195.5 years old on this planet.
If you weight 160 pound you would weight 74.8927 Kg here.
It is 22.1 light years away from us.
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Some issues :(

The rocky surface, low amount of light (which is 20% of are light), its close distance to the sun so more radiation gets in.


If this time we actually limit pollution we will be fine.
We can bring lights with power sources, this rocky planet should have some.
Bring air conditioners for those hot days.

How will we get there?

You ever watch lost in space, the bad reboot, well you haven't that was made back in 1998 when racism was a big thing. Basically this movie had the same concept of are idea, but where there had 7 people we have, well ALOT more. but they had cyrosleep, not like star wars, more of a tube that freezes you
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Before you make any decisions please enjoy some more pictures of The Mojave, and the Apes that will kill you, Enjoy.
Would you rather be killed because of this squinty eyed man or enjoy the MOJAVE.