US History

America between 1880 and 1920


Dawes Act

Dawes Act has been created in 1887 by the Congress. American took land from natives American. They were very connected with their land. I feel shame because Indians always helped American people.
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Tenement Housing

There were a lot waves of immigration, that's why we needed place to put them. A tenement house was regrouping families in a same place, there was a lot of diseases spread. The life condition was awful, they lived, ate, slept at the same place. But they could get a roof for a low price. That's why I am reserved.
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Natives American had to learn the American values. But they had especially to forget their own culture. That means the clothes, the language, the food, the way to practice religion... I feel ashamed because nobody can decide who you have to be. Obviously you have to learn the language and some practices when you go in another country but you can't forget who you used to be.
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Ellis Island

European migrants came in Amrica into crossing Atlantic sea to join New York City. There were a lot of diseases in the ship. People were piled up because there was not a lot of space. When they arrive in New York they get an inspection for a duration of 6-7 seconds,and some families have been splitting because of this inspection. Indeed not all of people were accepted.
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Potato Famine

Disease which affected potatoes in Ireland. It was a major economic crisis for the country because people had nothing to eat. They lost all of their reserves. That's why Irish came in America, to get a better life, to find a job. (this is an example of push factor)


During waves of immigration in USA, people had to learn a foreign language (english) and values that American people share in order to be accepted by the local population.
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Political Machines

The fact to keep a certain political party in power. They helped new immigrants to get votes in return. The government was corrupted. Ex.: Tammany Hall was the most famous political machine.
I feel ashamed, because I am against the corruption and the fact to take advantages of poor and influenceable people (immigrants)
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The Gospel of Wealth

Name of a book which has been written by Andrew Carnegie to show the responsibility of philanthropy in order to improve the lives of the everyday person. I am feel proud by this cultural advancement.
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19th Amendment

By this Amendment, women got the right to vote. It represents an important advancement in the mentality of people and on the way to the equality between men and women. I am definitely proud.

Federal Trade Commission Act

It has been signed by Woodrow Wilson. It controls the business practices and fights against outlaw transactions. It is a good initiative which makes me proud.
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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAACP has been created by WEB Dubois in order to make each person equal. They have to get the same rights and liberties. An exemple of action for NAACP is the passage of Anti-Lynching Laws. I am proud from this association.
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Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

Political action led by Teddy Roosevelt to approach Caribbean and Latin America to expand the power of USA
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Dollar Diplomacy

It is a foreign policy led by Taft to promote commercial interest and economic power in USA.
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Yellow Journalism

Newspapper using sensationalism and exageration to sell it. We can generally notice that in the title. I feel ashamed because it does not reflect all the time the reality, they can lie just to sell. In my opinion it can be a part of propaganda.
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World War I

Sussex Pledge

It represents an act between USA and Germany to forbid german ships to sink US boats with passengers. It has been engendered after the Lusitania has been sunk by a German submarine. I am proud of this decision even if it will not be respect by Germany.
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The working part of the women

During the war, all men who were able to fight left. That's why we needed some people in the factories. Thus women replaced men. I feel proud because everybody were active during this period, there was a national unity. Moreover it contributes to the equality between men and women who had also the possibility to work.
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