Pension Packet

Pension Forms and Information

Congratulations on Your Decision to Retire

Congratulations on your retirement.This newsletter is designed to help employees process the required retirement documents.

Please be advised that the Human Resources Unit has submitted your information to the Office of Pensions for processing. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to complete the required forms. Take note, all required forms are linked into this newsletter for easy completion and access.


Keep Your Statement Handy

Future retirees can find most of the answers to their questions in their Pension Statements. The annual pension statement is another awesome feature just added to the Employee Self Service Portal. As you may know, the Pension Office provides yearly statements to track employee's pension service time, contributions and calculation of pension monthly payment. Please take a moment to review your statement to ensure its accuracy via the Pension Self Service Tile (please look for the Pension Self Service TILE- not the Employee Self Service TILE). Here is the navigation:

  1. · Log into DE-SSO
  2. · Click on the Pension Self Service Tile on the Application Links page
  3. · Click on Comprehensive Statement
  4. · Click View

If you do not see the Pension Tile, please select the log-off. Sign in again, the Pension Tile should appear.

Gather Required Documentation

Retirees must provide the following documents:

  1. Birth Certificates (Retiree and ALL Dependents covered under health, dental and/or vision)
  2. SSN Cards (Retiree and ALL Dependents covered under health dental and/vision)
  3. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Divorce Decrees/Death Certificates
  5. Medicare Cards (if applicable)
  6. DD214 (if applicable)
  7. Federal compliant driver's license is acceptable in lieu of birth certificates and name change documents (DL w/gold star)

Do not send original documentation.


Federal and Delaware State Withholding Form

Retirees will receive a monthly pension check. On this form, retirees designated the federal and state taxes for the monthly pension check. Employees should refer to a tax consultant for assistance to complete this form.

State of Delaware Direct Deposit Authorization

As a retiree, your monthly pension check will be processed by the Pension Office (not Colonial School District). It is important to establish a new direct deposit form with the Pension Office.

Burial Benefits Designation/Change of Beneficiary Form

The State of Delaware provides a death benefit of a lump sum payment of $7,000 to designated beneficiaries at the time of the retiree’s death. Complete this form to designate beneficiaries for this benefit.

Please sign this form in front of a notary public. Please check with your bank or UPS provider for notary services.

Joint and Survivor Form

This form allows retirees to choose the amount of monthly pension that you would like to designate for your eligible survivor at the time of your death.

Contributory Designation/Change of Beneficiary Form

If the beneficiary(ies) are incorrect on the last page of your pension statement, please take a few minutes to correct your beneficiary(ies) information.

Life Insurance

If you are interested in porting your life insurance policy with the State of Delaware OR with Colonial School District, please contact the providers directly.

  • Prudential (Colonial School District) 888-634-1118
  • Securian (State of Delaware) 1-877-215-1489

Take note, Securian will cut the policy amount in half upon retirement. Future retirees may want to consider increasing the policy amount prior to his/her retirement date.



Future retirees under the age of 65 will have the same healthcare options that were provided while actively working. Employees seeking to retire within 3 - 5 years, should take a keen interest in learning about benefits. One great opportunity to learn new information is during Open Enrollment.

Future retirees 65 and over, must apply for Medicare Part A and B Social Security; this group of employees will be offered Highmark's medicare supplement plan.

Here is a snapshot of Part A and Part B Medicare plan that is offered through the Social Security Administration. Part A is FREE and it covers hospitalization. Everyone must enroll upon eligibility (usually age 65). Part B has a premium and covers medical expenses such as doctor visits and supplies. There are two plans

  1. Special Medicfill with Prescriptions
  2. Special Medicfill without Prescriptions

All plans offered to the State of Delaware's Retirees are top-notched coverage.

Cost of Healthcare

The longer an employee works for the State of Delaware the lower the price of healthcare. In reference to health costs, employees will reach the maximum level at 20 Years! If you cannot figure out which bracket applicable to you - please send me an email (chat) with your hire date and the number of years of service indicated on your annual statement.
Big picture

Dental Plans

There are two dental plans offered by the State of Delaware - Delta and Dominion. Delta is most comparable to Colonial School District - Cigna Dental.

TIP: Future retirees should make every effort to obtain all major dental services prior to retirement to avoid large out of pocket expenditures. It is also a good idea to investigate independent dental plans offered by your local dentist.

EyeMed is the only Vision Plan

The State Of Delaware's vision plan is less comprehensive than Colonial School District's plan.

TIP: Future retirees should learn how to utilize in-network savings and other independent offers (Spec for Less). Another cost-saving option is to enroll every other year.

Life Insurance Policies

As an employee of Colonial School District, you had the option of selecting two different life insurance policies: Prudential (CSD) or Securian (State of Delaware). Employees had the choice of enrolling in both plans, one plan or none. Please check your paycheck to ascertain your life insurance enrollment status..

As a retiree, you have the option of porting (continuing) your current life insurance policy (ies). To port the life insurance, please be sure to contact the provider directly to make continuation of coverage arrangements.

Prudential at 877-507-4778

Securian at 1-877-215-1489

Again, to port either life insurance plan, please contact the provider directly.


Payout Information

Within six weeks of your retirement, please email your Payroll Specialist and ask for your payout information. Remember that payout information is based on unused sick and vacation time, thus obtaining this information too early may render unless data.

Employees are paid out up to 90 days at 50% (so, 45 days max). Employees are paid out all of his/her vacation time. Vacation time is paid based on the State Rate only and does not include the Local Rate.

Payroll Specialists

  1. Jennifer produces payout information for the following groups: Administrators, Teachers, Specialists, and Constables
  2. Doug produces payout information for the following groups: Paraprofessionals, Nutrition Services, Transportation, Substitutes, and all employees of Leach.

Exit Information

As your employment ends with Colonial School District and you transition to your new organization - The Pension Office - please remember a few things:

  1. Be sure to gather personal electronic data from Google and Schoology prior to your last day. Your Google and Schoology accounts will be deactivated upon the end of your employment. Here are the links:
  2. Make sure you set up your account so that you can continue to manage your personal information, print available W-2s and access any prior/current pay checks.
  3. Once you retire, the Pension Office will be your new agency. Please be sure to contact the Pension Office is your have any questions about your paycheck or benefits at 302 739 4208.

Colonial School District - Benefits Contact

Employees can send information in the following ways:

  1. Mail information to the address listed below
  2. Fax information at 302 323 2748
  3. Scan information to the email address below
  4. Take a picture of completed forms and text completed forms to 302 365 0685.

Employees are strongly encouraged to mail or fax ssn and birth certificates (please do not send items through unsecured emails).

CSD Notice

The Colonial School District shall not discriminate in its employment practices or its educational programs and activities of students on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, domicile, marital status, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any legally protected characteristic.