Come To Tejas

By: Khanh Nguyen

Come To Tejas!

Looking for a fresh new start? Imagine a new place to live or maybe a safe place to work and get a good amount of pay. Well Tejas is the perfect place for you! Bring your family, bring your friends, and even bring your pets! Tejas is a land of opportunity, a land with nearly unlimited amount of resources, and you can start it however you can! All you need to do is say yes.

The Right Colony For You!

Already hooked on? A land of opportunity you say? You can come to Tejas, but what's a fresh start without a colony. Well you might ask yourself, "What'll be the best colony for me?". Stephen F. Austin's colony of course! This colony is guaranteed to you give you 100% of protection. That's right, no Native Americans here to harm you! Here at Stephen's colony there's plenty of rainfall for your crops, and rich soil if you're a farmer. The best part about this colony is that it's very rich, so come join us now!
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Stephen F. Austin

This is Stephen F. Austin, the empressario of this colony and land. The very righteous man to keep your home safe from any bad characters. He's the one in charge of keeping this land safe and making sure that you are comfortable in this colony. Want to join us and live here? Well he's the man to come to. And all of this only cost 12.5 cents an acre. "But what if I'm not wealthy enough to pay for the land?", you might ask. Well our trustworthy empressario can help you with that, and loan you enough money for the land until you can pay it back. So there's no worrying about the cost or the cash!

Obey The Law!

In order to keep this land safe, we won't tolerate anyone who won't abide by the law in this colony. We also don't negotiate with any criminals, anyone with criminal records, or any substandard people who won't collaborate with this colony in order for it to succeed. In order to keep this colony going, and have a good influence on our next generation, we must strain any of the bad characters from this land that might inflict any harm to this colony. We kindly ask for your cooperation. If you are of any scandalous character, then you'll be immediately expelled from our colony.

Our Rules

• No profane swearers allowed

• No criminals

• No idlers

• No gamblers

People who won't follow the rules will be immediately expelled.

People who do follow the rules will advance

Our Land