Water for Elephants

By Sara Gruen


Water for Elephants is a novel based upon a circus that is made up upon real life circuses. It is about the story of a man named Jacob Jankowski. It starts off as him as an old man in the nursing home remembering his times in the circus, then every other chapter it goes back in time to the actual event that happen in his life at certain times. During the story he becomes the circus's vet, and along with that he helps put with the elephant Rosie and eventually owns her.


Main Characters:
  • Rosie the elephant
  • Jacob Jankowski- The Veterinarian
  • Marlena- The horse trainer
  • August- Elephant trainer

Favorite Passage

My favorite passage is just before Rosie's act during the spec (the show).

“Not a single child is run over. In fact, everyone is brilliant, and none more so than Rosie. She carries Marlena on her pink sequined head during the Spec, curling her trunk in a salute. There’s a clown in front of her, a lanky man who alternately does back flips and cartwheels. At one point, Rosie reaches forward and grabs hold of his pants. She yanks so hard his feet leave the ground. He turns, outraged, to face a smiling elephant. The crowd whistles and applauds, but after that the clown keeps his distance."

This is my favorite passage because its a little funny and it tells a lot about Rosie the elephant and how silly she can be.

My own review

I really liked this book because it shows you how it actually is in a circus. All the different acts and how long it takes to actually set up the whole show and hope it wont go awry. I also liked Rosie's act most of all, she performed it with Marlena. I read this book just before I went to an actual circus. The book made it a lot easier to know how an actual circus is and i realy enjoyed reading and also actually watching a circus show.

The Benzini Brother's circus

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Water for Elephants is a major motion picture released in 2011. Directed by Francis Lawrence, starring Robert Pattinson(Jacob), Reese Witherspoon(Marlena), and Christoph Waltz(August)
Water for Elephants International Trailer

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