Mahjong – A great Entertaining Game

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Mahjong – A great game to keep you entertained and your mind fit

If you have been an indoor game junkie but have lost touch to all those indoor games ever since the computer paved way into your house, you might as well use a computer and get an access to all the enjoyment that you had yearned for. You can play these absolutely free of cost. Amongst various online games, mahjong is gaining a lot of popularity. The traditional Chinese game is also popular for being medicinal in case of many cognitive disorders like dementia. According to a research dementia hits a person in old age and the game is basically a very good exercise to cure it.

A game of mahjong though is tricky but once these tricks are on your tips you are just going to love it. For playing it online you need absolutely nothing, yes, an internet connection is a must but that is something that everyone these days has. You can play free mahjong on various sites and in various different themes. There are various free mahjong games online which though have the same rules, have a totally different presentation. These have same tiles and they have to be matched in the same way like it happens on the board version of the game.

A player has 13 tiles and when the turn comes one has to either discard or keep a tile. It is very crucial to keep a track of what tiles are chosen so that future moves can be planned and this should be something that one must adapt to from the very beginning of the game. In the online version of the game bonus is something that creates a lot of excitement. No doubt luck plays an important role in the game but what plays a more pivotal role is your skill, eye for detail and ability to choose the right options.